Tuesday 18 April 2017

The fatal flaw the "she should be allowed to change her mind" apologists are making

I know I'm not the only person to have pointed out that Theresa May and the Tory government are a bunch of absolutely brazen liars because they were promising no snap elections until just 19 days ago.

The Tory apologist response has already been programmed into the mindless drones who have an excuse for litererally anything the Tories do, and that's to paint Theresa May as the poor innocent victim in the scenario by crying that she should be allowed to change her mind under new circumstances!

This excuse is pathetic nonsense for many reasons, one of the clearest being the fact that less than 48 hours before she called the snap election she was blabbering on delusionally about how the nation was coming together to back her plans for to march the UK of a hard Brexit cliff edge. What could possibly have changed so much in just 48 hours to convince Theresa May that she was totally wrong about the nation being increasingly united behind her plan, and call a snap election?

If Tory apologists want to cite "new circumstances" as their excuse for Theresa May breaking her numerous public commitments to not call a snap election, the onus is clearly on them to explain what has changed so much in the space of just a few days.

The really big flaw isn't that she changed her mind so quickly though, it's all the Tory rhetoric they've been using to deny other people the right to change their minds under new circumstances.

It's only three weeks since the Tory tribalists were out in force to shout down the idea of another Scottish independence referendum because the issue has already been decided in 2014.

As far as Tory tribailsts are concerned, Theresa May is allowed to change her mind within the space of a month when very little has actually changed, but the Scottish mustn't be allowed the opportunity to change their minds even though a bunch of English Tories are intent on dragging them out of the EU and the Single Market against the will of the overwhelming majority of Scottish voters.

Another example of this brazen Tory hypocrisy can be seen if you try to make the case that there should be another public referendum on the final EU-UK Brexit deal, especially if the Tories try to deliver an economically ruinous cliff edge "no deal" Brexit strop. "No, no, no" the pro-Tory Brexiters will shriek "it's been decided now, we're leaving the EU, get over it, respect the will of the people".

So in the Tory apologist's mind the referendum votes of the electorate are frozen in time for all eternity, with no right whatever to change our minds under new circumstances (no matter how dramatic), but Theresa May should be allowed to change her mind on a whim, despite having publicly promised time and time again that she wouldn't.

That's the Tory attitude in a nutshell. One rule for our Tory overlords, and another completely different rule for the rest of us.

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