Wednesday 15 March 2017

The Telegraph actually called for Nicola Sturgeon to be killed for her political stance

The Daily Telegraph columnist Allison Pearson is about as brazen a hypocrite as it's possible to imagine.

In March 2012 she wrote an article entitled "The Curse of the Twitter Trolls" in which she complained, at length about Twitter trolls and the horrible abuse she had received on the platform.

Fast forward five years to March 2017 and Allison Pearson wrote another, altogether different article. In reaction to Sturgeon's move for another Scottish independence referendum the Telegraph hacks had clearly been instructed to attack Nicola Sturgeon with everything they've got, and in order to suck up to her bosses Pearson wrote an bile-spattered diatribe entitled "Nicola Sturgeon is a liar and a traitor - off with her head!".

Jo Cox was killed for having political opinions that were
unacceptable to the hard-right, now the Daily Telegraph
is calling for another female politician to be killed for
her political stance.
The title alone was enough to spark a tide of condemnation. After all it's less than a year since a female British politician was gunned down in the street for holding political opinions that the hard-right couldn't tolerate, and here were the hard-right Daily Telegraph boldly calling for another female British politician to be killed for her political opinions.

As the condemnation of their appalling headline grew the Telegraph sneakily changed the title to "Nicola Sturgeon - another treacherous queen of Scots - has miscalculated", but the URL of the article still leaves evidence of the abusive original title with the words "nicola-sturgeon-liar-traitor-head".

Even after the title change, the hateful bile that constituted the body of the article remained. The article wasn't just designed to direct hatred at Nicola Sturgeon, it was clearly intended to provoke strong anti-Scottish hatred amongst the intensely right-wing little Englanders who make up the majority of the Daily Telegraph's readership.

Allison Person knows as well as anyone that Nicola Sturgeon has suffered a disgusting barrage of online threats and abuse (the kind of misogynistic abuse that unfortunately comes with being a high profile, intelligent and politically opinionated woman), but instead of having the remotest bit of empathy stemming from her own personal experiences of online abuse, Pearson decided to stick the boot in hard by deliberately whipping up even more hatred towards Nicola Sturgeon, and Scottish people in general, and even calling for Sturgeon to be killed for her political stance.

The thing about right-wing hacks like Allison Pearson is that they have no integrity whatever. They write what they're paid to write. It doesn't matter to them if it's a weepy column about the horrors of online abuse one day, then a savagely abusive hatchet job designed to whip up a storm of misogynistic abuse and death threats against another woman the next day, they don't care that their hypocrisy is so plain to see.

They don't care that they've sold their personal integrity in order to work for disgusting hard-right billionaire sociopaths like the appalling Barclay brothers. They only care about their salary and their status. They've been bought. They're owned. And if their depraved masters tell them to whip up a tide of misogynistic and anti-Scottish abuse by calling for Nicola Sturgeon to be beheaded for "treason", then that's what they'll do, and they won't give a moment's thought to the absolute stinking hypocrisy of it.

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