Tuesday 28 March 2017

"Taking back control" by handing our railways to the Chinese!

The wonderful golden dawn that the Leave campaign promised should be on the horizon, but in the week that the Tories finally get around to triggering Article 50 it looks distinctly like business as usual with the Tory Transport minister announcing his plan to hand yet another chunk of our rail network to a foreign state owned rail company.

Every time the Tories announce that they're handing another chunk of our rail network over to a foreign state owned company they do it with great fanfare, but no detail at all on how much UK taxpayers' cash is going to handed out in subsidies to these companies.

When the Tories announced that they were handing control of the East Anglia franchise to Dutch state railway in 2016 they made a great big song and dance about how wonderful it was going to be, and the story is no different now that they're announcing their intention to hand control of the South Western franchise to a consortium backed by the Hong Kong state rail system.

So in Tory Brexit Britain "taking back control" means handing the Chinese a load of subsidies to run a chunk of our rail network for seven years!

The rail privatisation farce continues

After suffering over two decades of the Tory rail privatisation agenda the UK has a shockingly expensive and overcrowded rail network from which private companies and foreign states extract £billions in profits.

The British rail network is an absolute shambles and the overwhelming majority of people support renationalisation. Unfortunately the Tories are in power and they're determined to keep their fractured, overcrowded rip-off privatisation farce going for as long as possible, even if the beneficiaries end up being the state rail systems of other countries.

In fact the Tories hate Britain so much that the UK is the only state that is prohibited from bidding for franchises to run chunks of the UK rail network!

Anyone who thinks this is all going to change after Britain leaves the EU is sadly deluded. 

Everything will still be up for sale to foreign interests in Tory Brexit Britain. The main difference will be that in Brexit Britain the new foreign owners of our infrastructure, businesses and services will be freed from all the pesky EU "red tape" like workers' rights, consumer protection laws, and environmental legislation, so they'll be freer to exploit, defraud and poison our environment in pursuit of profits to extract back to their own countries.  

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