Monday, 20 March 2017

Saudi Arabia committed a grotesque war crime and Biffers are openly congratulating them for it!

On Thursday March 16th 42 refugees were massacred off the coast of Yemen as their boat was attacked by a helicopter gunship. The Saudi Arabians stand accused of committing this war crime, but as with all of their other war crimes in Yemen, they're just using the age old tactic of denying responsibility until the fuss dies down.

The local coastguard stated that all of the refugees were carrying UN refugee documentation, and described the attackers of having "no respect for humanity".

The reaction to the news that 42 refugees had been mercilessly gunned down was greeted with absolute delirium in the extreme-right Britain First hate group.

The kind of people who occupy this fanatically right-wing echo chamber are so full of hate for their fellow human beings that they gleefully celebrate the violent death of any Muslim or refugee, even if they're innocent civilians who have been killed by the military of a barbaric Islamist theocracy that has been spreading its disgusting version of extremist Salafi Islamism all over the world for decades.

Biffers clearly become so utterly delirious with joy at the thought of dead Muslims that they're incapable of even grasping the basic facts:

1. The people killed were Somalian refugees who had fled the chaos in Somalia to Yemen, but now Yemen has deteriorated under Saudi bombardment they were crossing the Red Sea again to seek refuge in Sudan.
2. The people who killed these civilians are also Muslims. Muslims committing war crimes against civilians for the military of a savage Islamist theocracy.
Here are a few of the comments posted beneath the Britain First story celebrating the attack:

Captain Phillips?

Before getting onto the mentality of the people who write such comments, it's worth noting that the Britain First fascists misleadingly used a picture of the Oscar nominated actor Barkhad Abdi portraying a Somali pirate in the film Captain Phillips, instead of a picture of a Saudi helicopter gunship, or a picture of the dead civilians.

The extreme-right mentality

It's difficult to imagine the thought processes of people who are so filled with hate for their fellow human beings that they gleefully rejoice over war crimes committed against civilian refugees, and openly congratulate the Islamist war criminals who did it. But it's important that we at least try.

People don't end up so full of hate naturally. It takes years and years of dehumanising propaganda in order to reduce people to the state of joyously celebrating war crimes committed against civilians.

Extreme-right newspapers like the Daily Mail, Express and S*n bear a lot of responsibility, as do right-wing polital parties and politicians like UKIP and Theresa May (a woman with a long track record of spewing anti-migrant rhetoric in order to appeal to the extreme-right demographic).

Another reason people end up like this is pure ignorance. Not just ignorance of the horrors suffered by refugees all over the world, but astoundingly lazy-minded ignorance of the basic facts of the case.

Several Biffers celebrated the fact that these dead civilians won't be arriving in Britain, or claiming UK benefits. This just goes to show how willing some people are to blabber out their opinions without the remotest regard for the reality they're commenting on. These refugees weren't anywhere near Britain, they were fleeing from Yemen to Sudan. It hardly takes a genius level intellect to realise that Sudan is a bloody long way from Britain, or that these people's lives must be pretty damned unbearable if they decided to cross one of the most dangerous oceans in the world in order to seek refuge in bloody Sudan!

Aside from the influence of extreme-right propaganda and the astounding levels of Biffer ignorance on display, there are other factors too. Facebook has a lot to answer for in allowing the criminal BNP splinter group Britain First to continue operating with impunity, spewing their fake news, and hosting so many hateful comments. Facebook considers the female nipple to be so obscene that they repeatedly censor it and they banned the satirical "God" page for a month, yet they do nothing to clamp down on the hatemongering scam artists at Britain First.

Another factor to consider is the failure of social liberals to stand up to right-wing extremism. Hateful dehumanising discourse often goes totally unchallenged these days. The spewing of hateful extreme-right diatribes has become so normal in fact, that people feel empowered to gleefully celebrate war crimes committed against civilian refugees using their own names and profile pictures, as if there's nothing shameful in what they're doing at all.

The reason that hate-filled individuals feel emboldened to behave in this disgusting manner is that they are rarely or never censured for it.

Someone sharing a hate-filled Britain First post so it appears on your Facebook feed is the online equivalent of someone you know taking a crap on your living room carpet. Not just your living room carpet though, the living room carpets of pretty much everyone they know.

The reason extreme-right followers feel emboldened to behave like this is that their decent friends and family members just turn a blind eye to it, rather than condemning them over their bigotry and displays of astounding ignorance. "Oh, you know Trish Wilson-Kennedy, she's just the kind of person who rubs her own excrement into people's carpets, that's just her way, it would be rude to confront her about it". That's the kind of pathetically weak and passive liberal attitude that allows such vile and ignorant hatred to flourish and grow in the UK.


Britain is increasingly filled with grotesquely ignorant hate-filled individuals. The type of people who are so overjoyed at the thought of dead Muslims that they abandon all of their (presumably meagre) critical thinking skills and openly congratulate the Islamist war criminals who carried out the massacre.

There's no way that things can end well if more and more people are sucked into this hatemongering extreme-right ideology, so something has to be done to fight back against it.

We obviously can't rely on the government to lead the fightback, because Theresa May clearly sees these people as an important Tory demographic to be pandered to, so the responsibility falls on the opposition parties, on civic society and on all of us as individuals.

If we don't stand up and actively confront this kind of grotesquely ignorant and dehumanising extreme-right fanaticism, then we're guilty of passively saying that it's OK and allowing it to continue to flourish and grow.

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