Thursday 16 March 2017

How this hate-spewing Little Englander makes the case for Scottish Independence

Sometimes the best strategy isn't to campaign with everything you've got, but to just sit quietly for a while and allow your debating opponents to make absolute tits of themsleves.

The angry Little Englander ranting on about how much he hates Scotland and the Scottish people in the video below is a perfect example of someone making their opponents' argument for them.

Before you click on the video to see for yourself please don't think that this guy is representative of everyone south of the border. Many of us wish the Scottish people all the best as they seek freedom from the corrupt out-of-touch elitists who run the Westminster establishment. I supported Scottish independence the last time around, and I continue to support it now. My only regret is that there's practically no chance of my beloved Yorkshire ever establishing an opportunity to escape the elitist Westminster cabal too.

This guy doesn't represent all English people, but his hate-fuelled and obscenity laden rhetoric is definitely representative of a large and increasingly vocal minority in England. An obnoxious, ignorant and bigoted extreme-right minority who have been massively empowered by Brexit to such an extent that their right-wing newspapers now feel free to publish articles calling Nicola Sturgeon a "traitor" who deserves to be beheaded for sticking to her manifesto commitment to offer Scotland another referendum if they face being dragged out of the EU against their will.

The obnoxiousness and bigotry in the video clip are very easy to see, but the ignorance is perhaps the most obvious thing of all. Scotland isn't ruled by "a little tiny fucking country like Belgium", that's such an ignorant misrepresentation of the nature of the EU it's ridiculous. The problem for Scotland is that they are controlled by Westminster, and they face being dragged out of the EU, and out of the Single Market by a bunch of rabidly right-wing English Tories.

Scotland is being slow-marched towards a catastrophic nuclear Brexit by Theresa May and the Tories despite the fact that Scotland voted heavily against Brexit. The furious ranting of the Little Englander in the video isn't actually all that much different from Theresa May's arrogant attitude that the Scottish people should just do as they're damned well told by the English.

Another problem is that after the 2014 Scottish Independence referendum the Tories hastily introduced English Votes for English Laws in order to give English MPs more power in Westminster than their Scottish counterparts, then a succession of English Tory MPs had the brass-necked hypocrisy to scrap all of the SNP amendments to the Scotland Act!

The problem for Scotland isn't that they're ruled over by Belgium (?!), it's that the Tories have rigged Westminster so that Scottish MPs can't influence English issues, but English MPs can, and do, vote on Scottish issues!

What better propaganda for independence is there than a bunch of furious right-wing English people expressing how much they hate Scotland, and telling the Scottish people that they should just bow down and do as they're told by their English lords and masters?

If Scotland does vote for independence they can free themselves from the malign and corrupting influence of English Tories, and then they can decide their own future as a nation instead of having it decided for them by Theresa May and a load of English Tory toffs in Westminster. And if in the process of breaking away from Westminster control they upset furious hate-filled Little Englanders like the guy in the video, then that's clearly an added bonus isn't it?

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