Tuesday 28 March 2017

The lame sexist pun isn't even the most ridiculous thing about the "Legs-it" article

The Daily Mail's decision to trivialise the meeting between Nicola Sturgeon and Theresa May was hardly surprising stuff from an extreme-right hate comic with a long history of promoting fascism, bigotry, sexism and homophobia.

Other people have complained extensively about the sexist nature of the "Legs-it" headline but few have pointed out that the rest of the article is a load of absolute twaddle finished of with an astoundingly hypocritical conclusion.

The article was written by the obnoxious Sarah Vine (spouse of the Tory MP, school privatiser, leading anti-intellectual, historical revisionist and high profile Brexit campaigner Michael Gove) so it's no surprise that the article declared Theresa May the winner of the women's style competition, but some of the prose looked like the kind of stuff a creepy stalker would write about his victims rather than an article that has been given the front page lead in Britain's "newspaper of the year"!

Apparently Theresa May has "famously long extremities" and "elegant" fingers, while Nicola Sturgeon has "more shapely shanks" than Theresa May and "chocolate button eyes".

The only shocking thing about this kind of sexist Daily Mail analysis of female physical appearance is that the women under scrutiny were adult females for a change, rather than underage teenage girls.

The creepy obsession with the physical appearance of the two politicians who will have the most influence over the future direction of the UK was finished off with one of the most extraordinarily hypocritical warnings against Scottish independence you're ever likely to come across.

Apparently the wife of one of the most high profile Brexiters of all thinks Scottish independence is a bad idea because it would be "a wild, dangerous leap into the unknown, a glorious moment of rebellion which could all too easily lead to a lifetime of regrets"!

The fact that the wife of one of the most high-profile Brexiter politicians can draw such a conclusion in the leading article of the pro-Brexit Daily Mail just goes to show the absolute contempt that Daily Mail hacks must have for their readers.

Are Daily Mail readers really so intensely stupid that they're incapable of grasping the idea that "a wild, dangerous leap into the unknown, a glorious moment of rebellion which could all too easily lead to a lifetime of regrets" is actually a perfect description of Brexit, and that a referendum on Scottish independence would be a chance for the Scottish electorate to actually escape this wanton act of social and economic self-harm?

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