Wednesday 29 March 2017

Is "will of the people" an actual thing or just another empty Brexiter slogan?

An awful lot of right-wing Brexiters insist on shrieking "will of the people" at anyone who dares to put their head above the parapet and raise concerns about the kind of ruinous Brexit shambles Theresa May and the three Brexiteers are going to deliver ...

... but if "will of the people" is an actual thing rather than just another empty Brexiter slogan (like "£350 million for the NHS", or "taking back control"), Brexiters have got no right to drag Scotland along on their economic suicide mission.

Scotland voted 62% to 38% to stay in the European Union; the Scottish parliament has established a clear democratic mandate for another independence referendum; and the Scottish electorate are certainly not enamoured with Theresa May's absurd lose-lose negotiating stance where the choice is between an outrageously pro-corporate Tory Brexit deal or the social and economic catastrophe that would result from Theresa May flouncing off in a "no deal" strop because the EU decide to call her bluff on her ludicrously hubristic threats.

If you have any respect for the "will of the people", or you have any respect for the democratic mandate of the Scottish parliament it's obviously only right that the Scots get the right to decide if they want to go along with Theresa May's Brexit shambles, or whether they want to make a go of it as an independent nation.

Only the most hypocritical of Brexiters could believe that it's right to ignore the will of the Scottish people (and the democratic mandate of the Scottish parliament) in order to drag them out of the EU against their will because the will of the English people supposedly takes precedence.

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