Friday 10 March 2017

The whistleblowers who admit that they unwittingly helped the Tories commit electoral fraud

Two whistleblowers have come forward to expose the lies the Tory party are telling about the 2015 General Election fraud in which they stand accused of cheating their way to electoral victory by unlawfully breaching election spending rules in 29 marginal constituencies.
The Tories openly Twitter bragging about the electoral
fraud they were engaged in.

The Tories have been claiming that they didn't need to declare the cost of bussing dozens of volunteers into marginal constituencies (transport, catering, hotels ...) because the volunteers never campaigned on behalf of the local candidates, but stuck firmly to just talking about national issues.

We already know that this is an outright lie. Even the Tory battlebus Twitter account openly named the local candidates they were supporting. They were so complacent about getting away with their financial doping electoral fraud that they openly bragged about what they were doing on Twitter.

Given their brazen Twitter bragging about the electoral fraud they were committing it would take extraordinary levels of credulity to believe that the dozens of bussed-in Tory activists never mentioned the local candidates or local issues when they were trying to influence the outcome of the election.

Now two Tory whistleblowers (Gregg and Louise Kinsell) have come forward to expose the Tory party lies by admitting that they "duped people on the doors"

Louise Kinsell said that the Tory party claim that battlebus activists were only pushing the central government message are "rubbish, absolute rubbish"

"We worked for the local candidates and MPs to ensure that they won their seat and we were sent wherever they thought we would help". "We had leaflets with their name on and rosettes with their name on" she said, "we were definitely canvassing for the local candidate".

Providing more details on what helping the Tories cheat their way to electoral victory entailed she explained that "in each area you were speaking about the local candidate and what he wants to do for you, not the big government in London, but what this man who lives here, what he wants to do for you, what he wants to change".

Gregg Kinsell said that "If people are saying, and the MPs concerned in these areas are saying it was part of a greater expense nationally for the Conservatives, that is a lie and an obvious falsehood. In that case I feel especially motivated to go to the police and go to the Electoral Commission".

The Kinsells also claim that there is a "code of silence" amongst other Tory party activists who were involved in carrying out the Tory electoral fraud.

Although it is possible to criticise the Kinsell's for their inexplicable devotion to a slimy and brazenly dishonest second rate PR man like David Cameron, they deserve a lot of credit for seeing the error of their ways and publicly admitting the truth that the Tory party are working so hard to suppress.

20 criminal investigations into the Tory electoral fraud are ongoing. The deadline for prosecution is May 9th 2017.

Given the Tories' open Twitter bragging about the electoral fraud they were committing, and now the testimony of these two Tory activist whistleblowers, it's increasingly obvious that the only way that the Tories can possibly get away with it is if the police decide to whitewash the whole thing.

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Note: Huge credit is due to Michael Crick and the Channel 4 News team for their investigative work on the Tory election fraud. I often criticise the mainstream press for their laziness, complicity and outright bias, so it's very important to point out when they have actually done a really good job of holding the powerful to account, as Channel 4 News have in this case.