Friday 31 March 2017

Another Angry Voice articles from March 2017

In March 2017 I wrote 41 Another Angry Voice articles (not including this index article) and created quite a few infographics and quote pictures for Facebook too.

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Index of articles

British workers are suffering the worst deal in the developed word, so where is the fightback? (economics, Tories)

Jeremy Corbyn has come out fighting on the economy, but is it too late in the day for Labour? (Labour, media, economics)

Why it's time to start preparing for a Tory nuclear Brexit (Brexit, Tories)

Beware of right-wingers blaming their own Brexit chaos on the EU (Brexit, Tories, media)

Does Theresa May have any debating tactics other than hubristic threats (Tories, Brexit, Scotland)

Philip Hammond has been talking absolute crap about the economy (Tories, economics)

The little Englander delusion of Empire 2.0 (Tories, Brexit, imperialism, UK)

The whistleblowers who admit helping the Tories commit electoral fraud (Tories, crime, democracy)

The "why haven't you killed yourself yet" scandal (Tories, DWP, disability)

Why do people actually trust Theresa May to deliver Brexit? (Tories, Brexit)

The disgraced Liam Fox says "I didn't send out a Tweet" whilst silling in front of a giant picture of it! (Tories, imperialism)

Scottish Labour and the Tories are spouting identical rhetoric (Labour, Tories, Scotland)

The Tories just voted to allow Theresa May to use people's lives as Brexit bargaining chips (Tories, Brexit)

How Wallonia looks set to do more democratic scrutiny of Brexit than the UK (Tories, Brexit, democracy)

How Theresa May's Snoopers' Charter allows 20,000+ people to go data trawling (Tories, surveillance state, UK)

The Daily Telegraph just called for Nicola Sturgeon to be killed (Scotland, media)

The Tories made no effort to establish how damaging nuclear Brexit would be before threatening the EU with it (Tories, Brexit, economics)

The Daily Mail was just named "newspaper of the year" (media)

How this hate-spewing little Englander makes a great case for Scottish independence (Scotland)

How do Brexiters actually know that "no deal is better than a bad deal"? (Tories, Brexit, economics)

10 humiliating Tory cock ups in just one week (Tories)

Saudi Arabia committed a grotesque war crime and Biffers are openly congratulating them for it (Saudi Arabia, extreme-right, war crimes)

David Cameron did a funny so all is forgiven (Tories, UK, USA, Brexit)

Norman Tebbit's rotten worldview (Tories, Ireland, UK)

Jeremy Corbyn just cornered Theresa May about her lies so she attacked his family life (Labour, Tories, media, education)

The ugly divisive fiction of the extreme-right fanatics (UK, terrorism, UKIP)

How do you feel about your taxes being used like this? (Tories, DWP, disability, UK)

You don't have to be pro-Eu to be worried about the Tory Brexit shambles (Tories, Brexit)

An open letter to the people who used this woman's picture to spread hatred (UK, terrorism, extreme-right, open letters)

UKIP's economics spokesperson says Single Market access is a critical priority for Wales! (UKIP, Brexit, Wales, economics)

They're not gambling with their own livelihoods, they're gambling with other people's (Tories, Brexit economics)

Nigel Farage says he'll quit the UK if Brexit turns out to be a disaster (Brexit, UKIP)

"Taking back control" by handing chunks of our railways to the Chinese! (Tories, Brexit, China, railways)

The lame sexist pun isn't even the worst thing about the Daily Mail's Leg-it article (Brexit, media, Scotland)

She knows it's an act of national self-harm but she's doing it anyway (Brexit, Tories)

Is "will of the people" an actual thing, or just another empty Brexiter slogan? (Brexit, Scotland, democracy)

How to celebrate Brexit Day like a Ukipper (Brexit, UKIP)

Theresa May's fantasy of a quickfire pro-corporate EU-UK trade deal is in tatters (Tories, Brexit, economics)

The "Great Repeal Bill" is clearly more undemocratic than the EU (Tories, Brexit, democracy)

UKIP's Neil Hamilton says "suicide's an option" for people impoverished by Brexit (UKIP, Wales, Brexit)

Has Theresa May set us on an irreversable course towards a "no deal" Brexit cliff edge? (Tories, Brexit)

Final notes

Creating this index of articles has helped me get a picture of how much my coverage was dominated by Brexit this month (not much of a surprise given that march 2017 was the month that Article 50 was finally triggered).

In April 2017 I'll try to cover a wider range of subjects, perhaps by doing a few new articles for the Political Myth Busting and What is ... ? series.

Huge thanks to all the people who made Pay As You Feel donations, and to people who helped to spread awareness of my work with all the likes. shares and comments on Facebook and Twitter Retweets.

Whithout you guys I wouldn't be able to keep doing what I do

Tom (Another Angry Voice)

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