Friday 31 March 2017

"Suicide's an option" - UKIP's Neil Hamilton

In May 2016 the disgraced former Tory MP Neil "cash for questions" Hamilton was handed a lifeline back into politics by the 25,042 people in the Mid and West Wales region who voted UKIP in the Welsh Assembly elections.

In March 2017 the bigoted ex-Tory made it absolutely clear why his political resurrection was such an embarrassment to Wales by remarking that "suicide's an option" as the Labour Assembly Member Eluned Morgan was explaining that the economic consequences of Brexit would be hardest for those who could least afford it.

After his suicide remark a wave of disquiet rippled through the chamber until the Presiding Officer Elin Jones intervened to give Hamilton the opportunity to apologise.

Hamilton belligerently refused to admit that he'd said anything unacceptable by asking "What is there to apologise for?" and "What was unparliamentary about the remark?".

In 2015 the number of suicides in England and Wales increased to its highest level in 20 years. Whether Hamilton was being serious that people who are thrown into poverty by Brexit should kill themselves, or he was making some kind of sick joke, his remarks were completely unacceptable.

The people of the Mid and West Wales region who voted this corrupt ex-Tory back into politics deserve a slow hand clap for giving this appalling individual the chance to spew offensive and bigoted nonsense in their national parliament.

I guess most of them won't care though. They'll have an excuse for it, or they'll outright deny reality by saying it didn't happen, just like all the 'Kippers a few days previously who had no problem with Nigel Farage saying that if Brexit turns out to be a social and economic catastrophe he'll go and live abroad rather than apologise to the nation.

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