Tuesday 28 March 2017

Nigel Farage will quit the UK if his Brexit baby turns out to be a disaster

Nigel Farage has said that if Brexit turns out to be a disaster he'll "go and live abroad".

He made the comments when a caller to his LBC radio show asked him whether he would apologise to the British people if Brexit turns out to be a disaster. [more coverage]

Farage refused to admit that he would apologise to the British people, citing the lack of apology from Tony Blair and Alistair Campbell as some kind of warped justification. However Farage is clearly desperately grasping at straws if he's comparing his political legacy to the catastrophic invasion and occupation of Iraq, and citing Tony Blair's behaviour as some kind of valid moral precedent.

The most hypocritical thing about Farage admitting his desire to flee the UK if his Brexit baby turns out to be some kind of evil abomination is the fact that this rabid anti-immigrant zealot would be turning himself into a immigrant somewhere else in the world in order to escape the consequences of the thing he spent his entire political life campaigning for.

It's interesting to consider where Farage might end up fleeing too.

The most likely destination at the moment seems to be the United States, where he could work as Donald Trump's butler, but who knows how long the shambolic Trump Presidency will actually last before he faces impeachment, or is toppled by his own party?

It would be a grand irony if Farage ended up seeking refuge from Brexit in one of the 27 remaining EU states, but it's not difficult to imagine such a brazen display of hypocrisy, especially given the way he was perfectly happy to collect hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of EU salary and expenses in return for being one of the laziest MEPs in the entire European parliament.

Another potential option for Farage could be Scotland. If Brexit turns out to be the straw that broke the Union's back, Farage could seek refuge from the Brexit chaos in independent Scotland. This option is a bit less likely than the US or elsewhere in the EU though, because Farage is hardly "Mr Popular" in Scotland.

The main thing to consider about Farage's admission that he'd flee the UK if Brexit turns out to be a disaster is the fact that he's got the economic freedom to do it. Most of the people who will suffer the rising inflation, wage depreciation, job losses, service cuts and losses of human rights after Brexit will be those without the economic means to up sticks and flee the country for less catastrophically ruined pastures.

By admitting that he's willing to simply run away from the mess he's made, Farage has clearly demonstrated the problem with Brexiteer politicians: They've always known that they have the economic means to avoid the potentially awful consequences of what they've been demanding, which means that they've been gambling with other people's lives and livelihoods, not with their own.

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