Saturday 4 March 2017

Beware of right-wing Brexiters blaming the EU for their own post-Brexit chaos

It's beyond obvious that there are plenty of Eurosceptic Tories who would absolutely love to see the Brexit negotiations fail so that they can set about turning the UK into a universally despised hard-right corporate tax haven economy.

The far-right fringe of the Tory party actively want the negotiations to fail so that they can turn the UK into a parasitical economy intent on siphoning off the wealth of other nations rather than producing our own.

Hard-right Tories like John Redwood (a passionate Brexiter) have been blabbering on for years about their dream of turning the UK into a tax haven economy. The idea that hard-right Tories wouldn't use Brexit as an excuse to push their rabidly right-wing agendas is the same kind of ludicrous wishful thinking that had people believing in the post-Brexit fantasy land (in which a right-wing Tory government would put an extra £350 million a week into the socialist NHS, clamp down on corporate tax-dodging, stick up for the British steel industry ...)

Theresa May's ludicrous demand is that the EU allow the Tory party to cherry-pick Single Market access for major Tory party donors (the City of London financial sector) and for institutions with the financial clout to coerce the Tories into representing their interests (vehicle manufacturers, other major corporations), and she was absolutely clear in her clown costume speech that if these demands are not met, she'll launch an economically ruinous "no deal" nuclear Brexit in retribution.

Right-wing Brexiters like Boris Johnson have already been working hard to establish the propaganda line that the EU will be to blame for any nuclear Brexit fallout by chuntering on offensively about how they're like Nazi concentration camp guards

Anyone who thinks that slurring the people you're going to have to negotiate with as Nazis is a debating strategy that makes a successful outcome more, rather than less likely, clearly has no understanding of diplomacy whatever. 

It's down to you whether you believe that Theresa May's woeful threat-based "negotiating strategy" is born of shocking diplomatic ineptitude, or of a deliberate desire to see the negotiations fail ... but one thing that simply can't be denied is that if the negotiations do fail, which they seem highly likely to, the right-wingers pointing the finger of blame at the EU will be doing it solely in order to deflect criticism away from the Tory party for the appalling social and economic devastation that their nuclear Brexit would deliver.

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