Monday, 4 November 2019

How on earth is Therese Coffey fronting the Tory general election campaign?

Compared to most people I'm a total politics nerd, after all, it's my job to study and write about politics, yet I'd barely even heard of Tory MP Therese Coffey until Boris Johnson suddenly put her in charge of hounding the disabled and further impoverishing the already destitute duties at the DWP.

Before this unexpected appointment to a senior government position, Coffey was most famous outside her constituency for the repulsive boozed up picture of her slobbering on a cigar like some bizarre female Ken Clarke tribute act.

But suddenly Coffey is sobered up and all over our TV screens, airwaves, and social media feeds, fronting up the Tory general election campaign.

Yesterday she was sent out to cynically pretend that nine years of relentless Tory wage repression and cuts to in-work benefits have been a good thing for ordinary working people, and today she's been wheeled out again to defend the Tory parliamentary candidate who said that people on benefits should be put to death!

Picking someone most of the public have never even heard of to front their election campaign seems like an extremely odd strategy for the Tories to adopt.

Yes, there's often someone like Barry Gardiner in 2017, who comes from nowhere to charm the public during an election campaign, but a charmless figure like Coffey, monotonously reading out scripted lies is never going to be able to enchant the nation is she?

It's interesting to look at the reasons someone as limited as Coffey is being pushed as the face of Conservatism.

Firstly Boris Johnson is in hiding.

He can't go out in public because he's getting booed and heckled wherever he shows his face, and his minders are keeping him away from as many interviews and debates as possible because they're all to aware that he's shockingly unprepared, utterly ignorant of stuff like facts and details, liable to make up absolute nonsense on the spot, or to just start spouting blatant lies.

Then there's the fact that most of the far-right Brextremist mob Johnson has surrounded himself with are freakishly unpopular with the public. 

Michael Gove with his coked-up, plastic-faced, right-wing goit act.

Sajid Javid, the reckless junk bond trader that Johnson has somehow decided to put in charge of the entire UK economy.

The haunted pencil figure of Jacob Rees-Mogg, like Lord Snooty but always with the sinister whiff of fascism about him.

Liz Truss, who is perpetually on the verge of another weird rant about imported cheese, or using barking dogs to scare away drones.

Priti Patel with her perpetual smirk, her open contempt for ordinary working Brits, and her liability to go off and collude with foreign governments again.

And then the absolute chancers who have been promoted exponentially above their abilities like Dominic Raab ('where's Dover?') and Gavin Williamson ('Russia should just shut up and go away!').

Rory Stewart was one of the very few sympathetic and relatable figures in the Tory ranks (to 'centrist dad' types at least), but he's been driven out of the party altogether because he wouldn't do as he was told, and Johnson simply can't bear to have anyone in the party who clearly has infinitely more eloquence and charisma than he does.

Amber Rudd was Theresa May's reliable and ever-willing dogsbody, always willing to step up when things got difficult, or take the fall for May's racist Windrush scandal, but she's quitting too, standing down from parliament in disgust at how awful the Tory party has become.

There's basically nobody left in the Tory ranks with any talent whatever, and of those actually capable of stringing a few sentences together without making an absolute tit of themselves, Coffey is the most human-looking specimen they've got!

And that's why a a slow-witted slob that virtually nobody has even heard of before has ended up fronting this Tory general election campaign!

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Unknown said...

Absolute genius

Anonymous said...

"Before this unexpected appointment to a senior government position, Coffey was most famous outside her constituency for the repulsive boozed up picture of her slobbering on a cigar like some bizarre female Ken Clarke tribute act."

So she got a picture taken of her when she was on a night out?... What. A. Bitch.

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not a good post

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camden mcdonald said...

I loved it!

Simon J Broome said...

And yet, the "Mainstream Media" will still tell you that the Tories have a cat's chance in hell, and it's "all to play for", when all we really need is for decent people to read their Social Media feeds, Talk to their neighbours, see what's really going on, and make the right choice to Send the Tories Packing.

Anonymous said...

Britain’s biggest bookmaker has spent £890 taking Tory MP Therese Coffey, who has a record of offering political support to elements of the gambling industry, and a member of her staff to watch horse-racing.

According to the register of members’ interests, Ladbrokes paid for Coffey to attend Doncaster Races on 10 September and for Coffey and a member of her staff to attend Royal Ascot on 17 June.

Coffey may also have accepted hospitality from Ladbrokes in 2013. On 21 June (the fourth day of that year’s Royal Ascot) she tweeted: “Enjoyed sport of kings and queens thanks to Ladbrokes today. Now head bopping to Calvin Harris 'Drinking from the Bottle' en route home J”.

When asked by BuzzFeed News to explain this tweet and why the apparent hospitality does not appear on the register of members’ interests, her spokesperson declined to comment.

Since entering parliament in 2010, Coffey has been one of the gambling industry’s most enthusiastic and influential supporters.

After her election, she joined parliament’s culture, media, and sport (CMS) committee, which was tasked with investigating whether betting shops are taking over the high-street and how controversial, high-stakes Fixed Odds Betting Terminals (FOBTs) should be regulated.

As part of the committee’s evidence-gathering process, she questioned Ladbrokes CEO Richard Glynn in October 2011.

In July 2012, she then supported the committee’s report, which unanimously recommended that the limit on the number of FOBTs in each betting shop be lifted.

The report’s recommendations were welcomed by the Association of British Bookmakers, but criticised by the Campaign for Fairer Gambling, the Salvation Army, and MPs such as David Lammy.

After leaving the CMS committee in October 2012, she continued to defend the gambling industry and its use of FOBTs.

In January 2014, for example, she argued against a Labour motion in parliament that said FOBTs were causing clusters of betting shops in poorer areas.

“We must be careful when we stop legitimate gambling on the basis of anecdotal research,” she said, claiming there was no link between areas being deprived and gambling prevalence once age was accounted for.

In January 2016, she had an argument on Twitter with Clare Foges, former speechwriter for David Cameron, after Foges called for FOBTs to be banned.

When Coffey told Foges to look at the CMS committee’s report, Foges replied: “The hospitality enjoyed by committee members slightly undermines the credibility of the report.”

Anonymous said...

Thomas, you wrote "Before this unexpected appointment to a senior government position, Coffey was most famous outside her constituency for the repulsive boozed up picture of her slobbering on a cigar like some bizarre female Ken Clarke tribute act."

I am not sure what you have the biggest problem with? Is it because she attends a social function? Is it because she has a glass of wine? Is it because she is smoking a cigar (is it hers or is she just posing?)? Or is it because she is female?

I think you are not quite as "woke" as you need to be in order to be a lefty these days Thomas!

JOS GRAIN said...
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JOS GRAIN said...

She looks like what you'd get if you tried to clone Anne Widdecombe and Arlene Foster together in the same test tube.

Unknown said...

You wrote: "Johnson simply can't bear to have anyone in the party who clearly has infinitely more eloquence and charisma than he does."

That must mean he could never sustain a majority. I can't count on one hand the people with less eloquence and charm than Boris Johnson!

Radioh3d said...

To the Anonymous Tory troll who thinks people on the left are too dumb to see through his/her desperate/pathetic, distraction techniques - Every one of your pompous suggestions were wrong. It's "because" she's a hefty slobbering hippopotamus and a privileged, morally bankrupt lowlife who isn't fit to hold the position she does, for obvious reasons. But you already knew that, didn't you?

Anonymous said...

@ Radioh3d

You wrote "It's "because" she's a hefty slobbering hippopotamus... "

Sorry, one of the few insults Thomas missed in his very personal attack on a female politician, was a reference to her weight ... which you have now added. Well done. You are truly a kind, caring and understanding soul.

As far Thomas, this was "low", even by his standards.

Radioh3d said...

Female politician, is that what you see? I see neither female nor politician, all I see is an unsightly sloth that's spent years shamelessly gorging itself at the Tory trough knowing full well that the cost of excessive greed is savage cuts and thousands of cruel deaths.

The fact that you're defending one of the cruelest, most vile governments since records began, for whatever reason, says you are one seriously sick & twisted individual. Probably be best if you did something about that... if you're not too far gone already.

Anonymous said...

You are the single dumbest individual in these comments. Man, I've managed to watch you get enraged when that so called anarchist called you out and you repeatedly blustered your way through the conversation with an incoherent and spiteful response that eventually led to you flailing about so badly you actually typed "Fuck socialism". You can't even properly criticise the Tories unless it's resorting to baseline insults about peoples weight and what they drink. Fucking sad aren't you? LOL