Tuesday, 5 November 2019

Jacob Rees-Mogg insinuates the Grenfell fire victims deserved to die because they lacked common sense

Tory Brextremist Jacob Rees-Mogg has provoked outrage by insinuating that the victims of the Grenfell Tower fire deserved to die because they lacked "common sense".

Rees-Mogg made these outrageously callous comments in an interview with LBC's Nick Ferrari, in which he tried to desperately spin the findings of the first report into the Grenfell fire to the advantage of the Tory party.

For some unfathomable reason the inquiry into Grenfell fire has been split into two segments, one critiquing the response of the fire service, and completely ignoring the decision to cover the building in highly flammable cladding because it was fractionally cheaper than the fire proof stuff, followed by another report into the actual causal factors to be released after the general election.

The first report criticised the fire brigade for advising people to stay in their flats, rather than advising them to attempt to escape down the smoke-clogged stairwell, but no attention was paid to the fact that this kind of cladding fire was unprecedented in Britain, nor the Tory government's failure to inform the fire brigade that they had allowed hundreds of buildings up and down the country to be turned into similar fire traps, so that they could consider actually altering their protocols.

Rees-Mogg seized on the "stay indoors" advice to claim that he would have been clever enough to fully appreciate the scale of the fire from within his flat, ignore the advice, and flee down the smoke filled stairs.

Rees-Mogg's callously insinuated that the victims died because they were too stupid to ignore official advice, rather than because the local Tory council turned their building into a deadly fire trap to save an absurdly small amount of money.

This insinuation betrays the elitist mentality that's all-too-common in the Tory circles that the likes of Rees-Mogg move in: The idea that the rich are rich because they're morally, genetically, and intellectually superior to the poor.

The idea that rich Tory elitists in a burning building wouldn't panic, but calmly assess the scale of the fire for themselves, with such impeccable intuition that they automatically understand the situation far better than fire service professionals with decades of experience outside.

According to this warped worldview the poor people died not because they were treated with contempt by an elitist Tory council who couldn't give a damn about the desperate and dangerous living conditions of the "the lower orders", but because of their inherent inferiority to the Tory elitist class.

If only they'd been morally, genetically, and intellectually superior like Rees-Mogg and his Tory mates, then they would all have survived the fire by virtue of their inherent excellence.

And besides, they would never have been living in a decrepit death trap of a building anyway, because they would have had the good sense and intuition to have been born into good genetic stock, a luxuriant country estate, an Eton education that costs more than the average salary in annual fees, and an automatic place at the top table of society like plucky quick-witted Jacob, wouldn't they?

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Anonymous said...

"For some unfathomable reason the inquiry into Grenfell fire has been split into two segments, one critiquing the response of the fire service, and completely ignoring the decision to cover the building in highly flammable cladding because it was fractionally cheaper than the fire proof stuff, followed by another report into the actual causal factors to be released after the general election."

There is nothing 'unfathomable' about it at all.

Jan Brooker said...

The detail of the building has shown that:
1. there were exposed gas pipes in the refurbishment that hadn't been boxed-in with fireproof materials.
2. The doors were not of the required fireproof standard to the flats [and some didn't meet even the lower standard].
3. The self-closing devices to the ONLY common escape route were not all working.
4. Many of the lights on the escape route were not working.
5. The smoke extraction system was not working.
6. The escape lift function was out of order ~ that's BEFORE we even get to
7. the not fit for purpose cladding and its poor insrallation,
8. the fire barriers not properly constructed with some missing or not contimnuous.
And this all from memory.

Gav said...

Placed alongside comments by Francesca O'Brien (Conservative general election candidate for Gower) a little while back that certain benefits claimants needed "putting down", Mr Rees-Mogg's remarks are in no way surprising.

MisterAngree said...

Have a look at de Piffle's cabinet. Note how it is populated with architects of the financial crisis (CDO-trading bankster Javid), mini-me Maggies (Leadsom, Truss), not-at-all arrogant men of the people (e.g., Rees-Mogg), unashamed backers of the political choice that was austerity and other Selfservative types tub-thumping for small government, minimal regulation and low taxes for the better-off (including, if BoJo's leadership promises are to be delivered, retired boomers living very comfortably off buy-to-let and paying no NI). "Common sense" is understanding that, given an electoral majority, they have absolutely no intention of honouring their spending promises - even ones that barely take us back to where we were before greedy men like the most recent Chancellor of the Exchequer trashed the economy. Affordability excuses will be made, but what are the odds that they'll still manage to fund tax-cuts for the sorts of people who aren't reliant on foodbanks?

Anonymous said...

What truly scares me is that some people can't see anything wrong with his remarks despite having heard them for themselves.

The ones I'm talking about are the 'fanboys' the kind of people who comment on 'Guido' those who (and I'm not criticising anyone who voted for Brexit) are SO fanatical about a 'clean break Brexit' they will utterly ignore the beahvious of JRM, Boris et al. Even for these people, who KNOW they have been lied to by those very people (as Brexit has NOT been delivered as ABSOLUTELY promised) they will blame ANYONE ELSE for ANYTHING that their own heroes have done, up to and including calling those survivors of Grenfell and their dead families stupid.

This genuinely worries me. No one should ever hero worship ANY politician but in this current climate that is exactly what is happening. We have gone WAY beyond supporting policies into hero worship of charismatic leaders. Leaders who lie to their own supporters to attain power, lie to them to keep power and lie about the reasons they can't fulfil the promises they knowingly lied about to attain power in the first place.

We have a racist, misogynist man who conspired to commit an assault on a member of the press, a man who has assaulted his own spouse, a man who doesn't know how many children he has, who has sexually assaulted women and promotes these 'ideals' in office. ALL of this is overlooked by those who voted him into this position, they overlooked the fact that they MUST have known there was no route for him to deliver the promised Brexit. They banked on his stupidity allowing him to break the law in order to get it done or for him to have 'a cunning plan' He couldn't 'plan' his way out of a cardboard box and Jacob Rees Mogg is a man so disconnected from reality he got his NANNY to help him whilst campaigning. He has no empathy, sympathy or common sense of his own.

They are dangerous but more dangerous are those willing to overlook the fact that these men aren't just insensitive, they are criminal...

Anonymous said...

If you're in a burning building: Get out of the building. It's on fire, you will burn to death if you stay in it. Regardless of whether Mogg is saying this or not: Leave a burning building when it's on fire or you'll get burned and die.