Thursday, 7 November 2019

Don't believe the hype - Boris Johnson's 'big' rally was a ridiculous fraud

After spending a week in hiding Boris Johnson finally came out for his first general election rally, and despite the protestations from the mainstream media that it was somehow super-special, it followed the exact same formula as Theresa May's cringeworthy events in 2017.
  • Huge buildings with all of the Tory activists crammed into the corner and filmed from close range to make it look packed.
  • Activists holding up placards printed up for them by the organisers.
  • Minimisation of Conservative branding in favour of big slogans ("Theresa May's Team" in 2017, "Get Brexit Done" for Johnson).
  • The creation of a meticulously controlled Tory "safe space" where Johnson is surrounded by ultra-loyal meticulously vetted Tory tribalists, with no chance of him getting heckled or booed as happens every time he goes out in public.
While mainstream media hacks at the event tried to make it seem far more impressive than it was ... Ooh! the music was louder than 2017, Ooh! there were a few more people bussed in than usual! Ooh they chanted 'Boris, Boris, Boris' on command like a bunch of lobotomised seals ... the reality is that it's virtually identical to the cynical, manipulative, stage-managed drivel in 2017.

And instead of playing along with the deception by photographing and filming the event from close range, the mainstream media should call this absurd Tory bullshit out by putting it in it's true perspective.

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Anonymous said...

Contrast this with the BBC coverage of Nicola Sturgeon's speech to a massive crowd of 20,000 supporters at her open air speech in George Sq in central Glasgow. They were packed in like sardines but we never got to see them at all.

The BBC ensure that the camera was tightly focused on her face with nothing whatever seen of the crowd. What DID get coverage was a tiny number of extremist demonstrators from the Orange Order. They were granted equal status in the story despite being nothing more than a tiny group of extremist trouble makers, the same ones who attacked Indy supporters in the same place after the 2014 referendum.

Complaints WERE made on this and the BBC promised faithfully that additional footage, showing the crowd, would be shown on Monday. And whilst, technically, this was true, they focused almost as tightly on reporter Sarah Smith in this piece although SOME of the attendees were visible this time. I wonder where else would allow this? VERY obviously biased filming then topped of with a biased report from Smith. Would you send Carole Thatcher to the Labour Conference and try to portray it as free and fair reporting? Obviously Sarah has the right to her point of view BUT a daughter of the late leader of the Labour Party we can't REALLY be asked to swallow the BBC assertion that it will be unbiased reporting that we'll see.

As I always say, it's difficult to see bias when it's not aimed at you. The BBC has, for many years, used OTHER biases as a defence against showing bias in any particular instance. The BBC has a number of biases. As I stated above it is anti-SNP, it's anti-Independence, it's anti-Corbyn (as distinct from anti-Labour, which it isn't ALWAYS) It is anti-Brexit too. Certain programmes have had their own particular biases, for example Question Time under Dimbleby was pro-Farage, pro-Brexit and gave him a platform from which to build support for both his party (then UKIP) and his ideal of leaving the EU. The news programmes didn't share this bias however but DID have their own bias AGAINST him and Brexit.

In the wider world outside of the UK other biases also become apparent and they tend to follow the line that any of the MI departments or FCO want them to take on that particular day. They don't fact check or question anything but simply regurgitate. An absolute CRIME in my opinion with such a sizeable and well resourced news organisation simply rolling over and submitting to being the state mouthpiece.

So, removing their biases you can see what's left. Either Blairite or Tory Wet pro EU, pro direct rule of all home nations without a voice for their peoples in democracy or ability to self govern ever.

The BBC's failure to report on even the largest of protests since the infamous kittling incidents speaks volumes too. They are complicit in covering up what is happening even to the extent of ensuring their cameras are unable to pick up any pictures of 50,000 protestors noisily on the move as in one anti-austerity demonstration. The exception to that rules was a small demonstration of approximately 75 people organised by the British Board of Deputies to decry Jeremy Corbyn as an anti-Semite. their 'day of rage' got TWO DAYS of filmed OB coverage, they even filmed in the location when the protestors had LEFT. They had individual interviews with the protestors too, not just the leaders!

Anonymous said...

Brexit Party rallies are doing really well.

Anonymous said...

Labour rallies in 2017 were enormous and May's were pitiful. Labour still lost...