Friday, 1 November 2019

Meet the Tory rape trial saboteur

Meet Ross England, a rape trial saboteur who the Tory party somehow figured to be a fit and proper person to stand as their candidate in the Vale of Glamorgan in the upcoming Welsh Assembly election.

England was appearing at Cardiff Crown Court as a character witness for the accused when he decided to allege that the rape victim had engaged in group sex in the past, despite the judge Stephen Hopkins QC ruling the past sexual history of the victim inadmissible.

Bringing up the allegation of group sex (which the victim outright denies) was clearly a deliberate effort to unfairly prejudice the trial against the victim in order to get his mate off.

The judge was quite rightly infuriated by England's behaviour, responding "Why did you say that? Are you completely stupid? You have managed, singlehandedly, and I have no doubt it was deliberate on your part, to sabotage this trial. Mr England, as far as I am concerned, this matter so far as you are concerned, isn’t ended. I shall be writing personal letters to people who are politically close to you and I hope they take appropriate action. Get out of my court."

The trial was suspended, but England's rapist friend was eventually found guilty at a retrial and sent down for five years.

The victim told BBC Wales "It is completely shocking to me that Ross England would stand up in court and say these things, given that they are untrue ... For him to just blurt that out, proves to me that it was a formulated plan that he and whoever else conjured to try and derail the trial ... I think it was an absolutely deliberate attempt to sabotage the trial."

Amazingly, even after he cost the public a fortune by deliberately collapsing a rape trial, the Tory party decided to select England as one of their political candidates, only suspending him after public anger at his rape trial sabotage tactics became too strong for them to sweep the issue under the carpet.

So next time you hear some Tory politician posturing as if they're "the party of law and order" don't forget that besides slashing 21,000+ police jobs and closing down 600 police stations since 2010, they're also a welcoming home to people who deliberately collapse rape trials to try and help their mate get away with rape!

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Anonymous said...

It gets worse -

Jon Lisle-Summers said...

How was his behaviour not in Contempt Of Court?

Radioh3d said...

Just a quick glance at that picture tells you all you need to know. Extremely creepy, air of arrogance and unpleasantness, not to be trusted. Exactly the type of people who would see no wrong in disrupting a rape trial to get a guilty mate off. Yeah, so he might go out and get another rape done, but so what, they're only birds.

Anonymous said...

Man, it's quiet difficult to stomach either Labour or Cons on rape. I mean you've got Thatcher historically covering up information of Ted Heath regarding his private life with children and you've got the thousands of underage girls groomed on the labour councillors watch up North. The independent report that came out citing that the councillors knew about the grooming gangs but did nothing, not to mention that two Labour Head Councillors refused to take part in the investigation really makes you wonder who a fellow is going to vote for come the next G.E... Probably B.P. Because they don't encourage rape.

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jagat said...

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Anonymous said...

Wonder why you're never said a single word about the thousands of girls raped and abused predominantly by members of one ethnic group across the UK yet can find the time to waffle about one idiot talking crap ?