Friday, 1 November 2019

The Lib-Dems love Tories more than they hate Brexit

Lib-Dem leader Jo Swinson has been rummaging through the political rubbish bin again to scavenge yet another Tory-reject to join her absolute shambles of a political party, bringing the number of ex-Tories in the Lib-Dem ranks to five, which means Tory defectors now make up a ridiculous 24% of the Lib-Dem parliamentary party!

One of the most amazing things about the Lib-Dem acquisition of so many Tory rejects is the absolute state of their voting records, and the latest recruit Antoinette Sandbach is no different.

Her voting record is absolutely vile, having loyally backed every piece of poverty-spreading Tory welfare vandalism, every rip-off privatisation scam, every attack on workers' rights and wages, every economically illiterate austerity measure, every tax cut and handout for corporations and the mega-rich, and every catastrophic cut to public services like the NHS, policing, the fire service, social care, local government services ...

But the mind really starts to boggle when it comes to Sandbach's voting record on Brexit.

  • When Labour and the other opposition parties attempted to prevent the Tories from using Brexit to attack workers' rights, environmental laws, food standards, and consumer protections, Sandbach voted the amendment down.
  • Sandbach voted 15 times to deny the EU citizens the right to reside in the UK after Brexit.
And how does the duplicitous weasel Jo Swinson welcome Sandbach into the Lib-Dem ranks? By going on about working with her to stop Brexit!

The fact that the Lib-Dems are welcoming another hard-right pro-Brexit, EU citizens rights denier into their ranks just goes to prove that the Lib-Dems love Tories an awful lot more than they actually want to stop Brexit.

And the expectation that their supporters will mindlessly accept the glaring contradiction between the Lib-Dems' anti-Brexit posturing and the red carpet treatment they afford to a bunch of Brexity Tory-rejects like Sandbach just goes to prove what a gullible and intellectually lazy bunch they imagine their own supporters to be.

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