Wednesday 5 July 2017

Theresa May is still churning out scripted idiot fodder

Theresa May has been talking the same old scripted idiot fodder again at Prime Minister's Questions: "Bankrupt Britain", "living within our means", We'll end up like Greece ... the only surprise was that there was no mention of "magic money trees" this time around.

It's like her Tory script writers have learned absolutely nothing from the election result. 

They're offering more of the same because they're unwilling to adapt to the new reality that people are sick and tired of listening to endlessly repeated economically-illiterate platitudes that only tabloid rote learners would be gullible enough to believe in, and cognitive-dissonance inducing rhetoric about how the Tories are doing such a wonderfully great job of managing the economy, but that the economy is simultaneously so completely knackered that we can't afford properly funded public services or decent wage rises for our brave emergency service workers!

A significant swathe of the public accepted a constant bombardment of glib, reality-reversing, mutually contradictory economic idiot fodder from David Cameron because he had the slickness and spivvy confidence to pull off such dishonest Orwellian nonsense, but Theresa May simply hasn't got the assertiveness or the presentation skills to lie, and evade, and mislead every week like Cameron used to.

I used to think of erudite former Tory Prime Ministers like Churchill and Disraeli turning in their graves at Cameron's dishonest and inane gibberish, but upon reflection Cameron was positively eloquent and engaging in comparison to Theresa May's stilted and patronising readings of the same pre-written platitudes Cameron used to rely on.

If she can't even convincingly read out answers that have been pre-written for her, how on earth is she going to do anything but a catastrophic job of overseeing the Brexit negotiations?

The only reason the Tories are sticking with this dead duck Prime Minister is that they know that sacking her would lead to an irresistible public demand for another general election, which they'd almost certainly lose really heavily.

So every time you hear Theresa May labouring away to recite her scripted idiot fodder platitudes from now until the day her fellow Tories knife her in the back, just remember that this infuriatingly inept charlatan only there at all reading the script because the Tory party are intent on putting their own narrow party political interest (clinging onto power for power's sake) above the interests of the nation as a whole (giving us a second chance to elect a stable government).

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