Thursday, 6 July 2017

The Corbyn surge is continuing at the Labour grassroots level

The Jeremy Corbyn surge is continuing at the local Labour Party grassroots level with pro-Corbyn candidates winning democratic internal Labour Party elections all over the place, causing right-wingers from inside and outside the Labour Party to absolutely lose their minds over it.

The latest example is the Liverpool Wavertree branch of the Labour Party in which 9 out of 10 positions on the Executive Committee just went to Momentum-backed candidates in the elections, after which a single member of the Executive Committee said that they support the local MP Luciana Berger, but she should be answerable to the concerns of local Labour Party members if she ever decides to do anything else like vote to bomb Syria, or support another vote of no confidence against the party leader at the most damaging time imaginable for the party.

On the face of it this is bad news for Luciana Berger because she was one of the Labour Party cabinet members who participated in the spectacularly failed and extraordinarily damaging Anyone But Corbyn Coup last summer, but her response to the election result was actually pretty well considered:
"The Labour Party In Liverpool Wavertree is a vibrant, democratic organisation with around 1,800 members. Quite rightly, the members elect officers of the party to oversee its work. We are united in wanting to secure a new General Election and the return of a Labour government under the leadership of Jeremy Corbyn as soon as possible. We had a great local result on June 8, with the Labour majority [in Wavertree] going up for the third election in a row and almost four in five people voting for Luciana Berger as the Labour candidate. That is thanks to the hard work of local members and a revitalised national party under Jeremy Corbyn. It is a fantastic foundation for the next General Election, whenever it comes."
It's absolutely clear that the local Labour Party and Luciana Berger have both expressed a desire to work together, and Berger was very clear about her respect for the democratic result, but right-wingers who hate internal Labour Party democracy and would rather the party be run as an ideologically pure neoliberal dictatorship are desperately trying to spin this resounding election result as some kind of evil plot by leftie bullies to take over the Labour Party.

The lengths that right-wingers will go to to defend their hatred of democracy are quite extraordinary. 

The Daily Mail writer Adam Crafton brazenly lied that Luciana Berger resigned from Corbyn's cabinet because of anti-Semitism in order to create a misleading sympathy narrative. But in reality her resignation letter was a ridiculous reality-reversing diatribe about how she had to ignore the will of the Labour Party membership and help launch a hugely damaging internal party civil war out of "loyalty" to the party and a desire to create party "unity"!

There was no mention of anti-Semitism in Berger's resignation letter whatever, meaning that the Daily Mail journalist was simply trying to create Labour Party divisions by inventing a total lie and trying to conflate the disgusting anti-Semitic abuse Berger has suffered from the extreme-right with the left of the Labour Party*.

Another right-winger to jump onto the concern trolling bandwagon was the Tory-loving slob Paul Staines (AKA Guido Fawkes), who invented a fictional threat from the Wavertree Executive Committee to "deselect" Luciana Berger, then cried crocodile tears about it as if he actually cares about the good of the Labour Party, rather than being the ridiculously biased pro-Tory muck-slinger that he actually is.

The comments beneath the Guido Fawkes article from his loyal hard-right hate mob are quite extraordinary, with one Tory fanatic claiming that the Tory spin machine failed during Theresa May's vanity election because they didn't smear Corbyn as a "left wing terrorist loving extremist" hard enough, rather than because of the appalling lack of Tory manifesto policies aimed at helping anyone apart from corporations and the mega-rich.

The right-wing of the Labour Party joined the Daily Mail and the most notorious right-wing blog in Britain in howling at the democratic result in Wavertree, and smearing the left of the party as "thugs" and "bullies" as if they'd taken over the executive committee of the local Wavertree party by force rather than by the ballot box.

Another Labour right-winger called Andrew Whiteside cried that the local party had been taken over by "communists" and then went on a spectacularly ironic Twitter blocking spree to eradicate all forms of dissent from his ideologically pure Twitter echo chamber!

The absurd thing of course is that right-wing Labour leaders like Neil Kinnock, Tony Blair and Gordon Brown spent years ideologically purging the Labour Party and parachuting loyal right-wingers (like Luciana Berger) into safe Labour seats, but the Progress mob had no complaints about thuggery or bullying then because they believed so strongly in the ideological purification of the Labour Party to make it a centre-right orthodox neoliberal party in line with their own agendas.

But suddenly when the left of the party is making a resurgence, not by force but by the ballot box, they're all suddenly shrieking and wailing about the nasty bullying lefties!

The hypocrisy of these Labour Party right-wingers isn't even the worst thing, it's the fact that they're queuing up to stand alongside the Daily Mail, the Daily Telegraph and the extreme-right Guido Fawkes blog to attack the democratic workings of their own party, and bitterly smear their fellow Labour Party members.

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* = It's worth noting that one of the extreme-right thugs who was jailed for sending anti-Semitic abuse to Luciana Berger, is an obnoxious former Tory party member called Joshua Bonehill, also sent a load of abuse and threats to me back in 2014.