Saturday 8 July 2017

Theresa May has been given yet another free pass by the mainstream media

Aside from spewing the exact same demeaning economic baby-talk as always ("bankrupt Britain", "living within our means", "we'll end up like Greece") during Prime Minister's Questions, Theresa May also issued an extraordinary threat against Jeremy Corbyn.

After completely evading a question about the shocking levels of student debt after the Tory tuition fees hike by reeling off a load of ludicrous hyperbole about how terrible a Labour government would supposedly be, Theresa May concluded by saying "we will never let it happen".

This statement raises a number of extremely important questions, including who is "we", and by what means would they ensure Jeremy Corbyn "never" becomes Prime Minister?

Presumably Theresa May isn't just referring to the Tory party when she says "we will never let it happen".

She must be referring to the entire establishment class (the Westminster establishment club, the mainstream media, the leaders of the armed forces and secret services ...) because it's difficult to see what the Tory party alone could actually do to stop Labour becoming the government if they win enough support in a democratic election.

The idea of a Jeremy Corbyn as Prime Minister may have seemed a ludicrous proposition in the past, but Theresa May's vanity election resulted in the fastest public opinion turnaround in British electoral history, with Corbyn now looking like a statesmanlike Prime Minister in waiting, and Theresa May looking like a bedraggled placeholder PM who is just waiting for members of her own party to begin plunging the knives into her back.

A recent YouGov poll put Labour on 46%, which gives them an 8% lead over the Tories. That would be enough for Jeremy Corbyn to form a majority government. So assuming Labour do win the next General Election (whenever it happens), by what means do Theresa May and her allies intend to prevent Labour forming the government?

Back in 2015 a serving UK army general claimed that the UK military could stage a coup d'etat to overthrow the government if Jeremy Corbyn is ever elected Prime Minister. The Tory government saw no problem with this shocking threat against democracy, and no inquiry was conducted to discover who the serving general was so that they could be disciplined for their outrageous comments.

This Tory attitude that it's fine for serving members of the armed forces to talk of staging military takeovers, or hard-right tabloid newspapers to attack judges as "enemies of the people" shows a very concerning Tory contempt for democracy and the rule of law.

In light of the sinister threat of a coup d-etat, and the brazen right-wing contempt for the rule of law that is so fashionable these days, is it possible that Theresa May is hinting that her allies would attack democracy and defy the law of the land in order to prevent the formation of an elected Corbyn government?

She said that they will "never let it happen".

If that doesn't mean that Theresa May and her unnamed allies will stop at nothing to prevent the democratic will of the people, then what does it mean?

Any responsible mainstream media organisation would have picked up on this threat and forced Theresa May to clarify what she meant by it, but as usual she gets a free pass, and it's up to independent media sites to consider the implications of what she's actually threatening.

Just imagine if it was Jeremy Corbyn as a struggling and unpopular Prime Minister threatening that he would never allow his increasingly popular political opponents back into power under any circumstances. How would the right-wing press react to such a threat? How would the supposedly neutral BBC react to such a threat?

We know the answer don't we? They'd be absolutely bloody hysterical about it.

So the question has to be why are the mainstream media so intent on letting Theresa May get away with making such sinister rhetoric when they know that she's exactly the kind of hard-right authoritarian who would obviously stop at nothing to maintain her grip on political power?

If she's willing to casually lob peace in Northern Ireland onto her bonfire of vanity, then is it really too much to expect the mainstream media to at least hold her to account and get her to clarify by what means she intends to permanently lock the main opposition party out of power?

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