Sunday, 9 July 2017

Right-wing internal Labour Party wreckers are making anonymous threats again

Rupert Murdoch's Sunday Times is reporting that cowardly anonymous right-wing Labour MPs are threatening to damage the Labour Party as much as possible by resigning and triggering by-elections.

One of the most important things to note about this story is that despite the content relying on nothing more than the word of cowardly Labour right-wingers who refused to give their names, they've used an image of the Liverpool Wavertree MP Luciana Berger to illustrate their story, creating the highly misleading impression that she's one of these internal Labour Party wreckers, when she's not.

Yes Luciana got duped into tarnishing her own reputation by supporting the pre-planned and spectacularly failed Anyone But Corbyn coup last summer, but she was hardly alone in falling for their toxic scheming, and since the coup plot failed so spectacularly she's regularly reaffirmed her determination to respect party democracy and the will of the membership, and now she's angrily demanded that the Sunday Times remove her image from the article because she's got nothing to do with these threats.

Luciana Berger clearly isn't the source of these deliberate destabilisation tactics, but someone is briefing the right-wing press with this divisive nonsense, and these latest threats are very consistent with the right-wing internal wreckers' pattern. 

There is a small group of right-wing Labour MPs who are determined to do as much damage to the Labour Party as possible by constantly plotting against the party leadership, smearing ordinary members, and anonymously briefing the press with their divisive bile to stoke internal party divisions.

After anonymously briefing the Telegraph about their (aborted) plot to overthrow Jeremy Corbyn after the May 2016 local elections, they were back at the Telegraph again a few weeks later to detail their new plot to use the EU referendum (whatever the outcome) to launch their coup against Jeremy Corbyn, which they duly did.

These are the people who, during Theresa May's vanity election, attacked left-wing independent media as "propaganda and ideological purity dressed up as news and views and beamed on the internet direct to the politically deranged" and anyone who ever reads sites like Another Angry Voice, Evolve Politics or The Canary as "junkies" during an election campaign in which the virality of left-wing independent media played a huge part in Theresa May losing her majority.

Then in May 2017 they were back at the Telegraph again, this time talking about how they were looking forward to Theresa May winning a landslide victory so that they could destroy the Labour Party from within by launching a breakaway party.

After briefing the press about their (hastily aborted, and then spectacularly failed) plots to overthrow Jeremy Corbyn, about their visceral hatred for left-wing independent media and anyone who reads it (millions of Labour Party members and voters), and their fantasy of using the Tory landslide they were craving to engineer a split in the Labour Party, they're now swearing to do like Jamie Reed did in Copeland and inflict as much damage on the party as possible by resigning and triggering tricky by-elections.

It's about time someone in the Labour Party did something about these right-wing internal wreckers, and perhaps the responsibility is with the people who see themselves as genuine centrist Labour MPs like Luciana Berger?

By publicly naming and shaming the deliberate wreckers behind all of these anonymous threats, plots and the abuse and contempt towards ordinary Labour voters, they'd be doing a great service to the Labour Party. 

I'm sure pretty much everyone in the Parliamentary Labour Party knows who the main internal wreckers are, and I'm pretty sure that there are quite a few significantly less fanatically hard-right Labour MPs who now know these constant divisive threats are going way too far, and who have plenty of evidence to expose the wreckers' identities.

Like all major political parties Labour will always have divergences of opinion and plenty of internal debate, but there's a huge difference between healthy political debate, and running off to bitterly brief the right-wing propaganda rags about your latest incredibly divisive threats to damage the Labour Party as much as possible when your faction continues not getting its own way.

The fact that these wreckers are too cowardly to put their names to all the threats and bile they anonymously spew to their chums in the right-wing media just goes to show what kind of obnoxious people they really are.

This constant stream of threats and abuse also goes to show how much work all the genuine Labour people have in front of them to reduce the toxifying influence of these right-wing wreckers who clearly value their hard-right neoliberal economic ideology way above the party they're pretending to serve as they regularly insult and smear its members and constantly plot to damage it as much as possible.

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