Tuesday 18 July 2017

The Tory strategy for winning the youth vote is hilariously inept

The Tories are terrified of Labour's appeal to the younger generations, but instead of trying to appeal to these demographics with some actual policies that would improve their lives in any way, they've decided to try to drive the under-40s away from Labour by lying to their faces and deliberately spreading links to hard-right propaganda sites where young people are treated with absolute disdain!

The lie

The lie that the Tories have settled on is that Labour are supposedly breaking an election "promise" by saying that finding a way to write off all student debt is an "ambition" rather than an official policy.

There is no policy in the Labour manifesto to write off all student debt, in fact the Tories have implicitly admitted this fact by harking on about an interview Corbyn did with the NME instead of highlighting the non-existent passage of the Labour manifesto promising to write off all student debts. 

The problem of course is that Corbyn didn't promise to write off all student debt in that NME interview at all either (as can be seen in the extract).

What Corbyn did say was that the massive debt situation is a problem, and that he's looking at ways of reducing the unsustainable and economically damaging student debt levels.

There is no inconsistency whatever between what he said about wanting to do something about the problem in the NME interview, and the subsequent statements from Labour politicians saying that a total write-off of all student debts in their entirety is an "ambition" rather than an official policy.

We'll win the youth vote with a dose of Guido Fawkes!

The official Tory CCHQ Twitter account has been banging on about this fictional broken promise for three days now. 

They even went as far as tweeting a link to the fanatically right-wing Guido Fawkes blog.

Just imagine being so out-of-touch with reality that you imagine that sharing a link to a fanatically right-wing blog 
is going to win over the youth vote!

Just imagine thinking you're going to herd the youngsters onto the Tory bus by sharing a blog with a comments section full of bigoted, foul-mouthed, anti-intellectual, disgustingly right-wing Tory blowhards ranting on bitterly about how young people are
"idiots", "dimwits", "useless members of society" and "snowflakes" full of "entitlement" and "cultural Marxism"!

The under-40s massively rejected the muck-raking, shit-flinging, smear-mongering of the right-wing propaganda rags, but the Tories are so catastrophically out of touch with the public mood that they think that sharing a link to a fanatically right-wing blog that uses the exact same divisive smear-mongering tactics as the right-wing propaganda rags is a way to win the youth vote!

They're so immersed in their familiar right-wing echo chambers of hate that they're simply incapable of seeing how toxic these extreme-right cesspits of bile are to people with progressive social values, or even any kind of basic human decency whatever.

The senselessness of it

If the Tories had any sense whatever they'd keep very quiet indeed about student debt.

Their introduction of £9,000 per year tuition fees has created the situation where students from the poorest backgrounds are leaving university with £57,000 worth of debt, and a staggering 75% of all graduates are projected to never pay off their student debts despite a lifetime 9% aspiration tax on their disposable income.

Labour have a policy of scrapping these extreme fees and implementing a system like Germany where education is considered a benefit to all of society, not just to the individual who receives it.

Labour have also said that they intend to do something about the shocking scale of student debt while the Tories are only making the situation worse by scrapping maintenance grants for low income students and scrapping NHS bursaries too.

Another thing the Tories would be extremely quiet about if they had any sense whatever is broken political promises. Not only did they begin tearing pages out of their own manifesto before the 2017 General election happened, there's also the scandal of their 2010 "Contract with the electorate" which they completely deleted from their website once it became clear that they had broken every single promise it contained!

Smug Tory superiority

One of the big problems with the Tories is their innate sense of absolute superiority over ordinary plebs like us

They think they can lie to us with impunity because they believe we're too damned thick to actually read the Labour manifesto or the NME interview for ourselves to check that what they said was an accurate account of what was actually stated, rather than an obvious deception.

Not only do they expect us to mindlessly believe their lies, they also assume that we're way too thick to remember the basic details of who created these mountains of unpayable student debt in the first place with their £9,000 fees, or the fact that the Tories have a shocking track record of actually breaking their own election promises.

The Tories have resorted to their tired old tactic of lying to the public and whitewashing their own disgraceful track record in actually creating the problem in the first place, which is an illustration of exactly why they're so toxic to the younger generations: They've got nothing whatever to offer us except more of the lies, and spin, and smears, and deceptions that we so firmly rejected on June 8th.


Don't believe the Tory lies. 

Whenever you hear a Tory or any of their attack dogs in the mainstream media saying anything about a Labour Party policy, any other party policy, an interview, official statistics, the conclusions of a report, or whatever - the responsibility is on you to find the manifesto, that interview, those statistics, or that report, and check for yourself what was actually said and how it differs from the Tory interpretation.

The Tories think you're thick and gullible enough to outright lie to your face. 

They think you're too thick to use Google to establish the facts for yourself. 

They think you're too thick to realise they're not actually offering you anything except more austerity dogma, more student debt, more unaffordable housing, more wage repression, and more asset stripping of the national wealth to distribute to their chums at knockdown prices.

You can either accept this archaic view that you must be subservient at all times to your Tory lords and masters and never question what they say, or you can start from the more logical position of being highly sceptical of anything that is said by people with proven track records of lying through their teeth and speaking down to the public with a load of demeaning economic baby-talk as if we're a pack of absolutely gullible numbskulls.

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