Friday, 21 July 2017

The Tory delusion that one more dishonest smear-job is all they need for success

A notorious Tory blogger has openly admitted that the lies and deceptions spread by the extreme-right Guido Fawkes hate chamber are "gold" for the "Conservative attack machine".

In a post on the Conservative Home website the blogger Henry Hill (you may remember him as the guy who carefully detailed the Tory blueprint for wrecking the NHS) gleefully celebrated the success of an anti-Corbyn smear job on the extreme-right Guido Fawkes blog.

The Guido smear-job berates Jeremy Corbyn for breaking a student debt promise that he never actually made.

Jeremy Corbyn never said that he would wipe out all student debt. The Labour manifesto never said that it was Labour policy to wipe out all student debt. Neither Guido nor the Tories have provided a single quote of anyone from Labour promising to wipe out all student debt. Yet they're still relentlessly banging on about student debt and Jeremy Corbyn's supposed broken promise to get rid of it all as a pathetic effort to drive a wedge between Labour and the student vote.

Other than a snide dig at the Liberal Democrats for shafting their student voters, Henry Hill's entire blog post on student debt makes no mention at all of why student debts are now so high that 75% of graduates will never pay them off.

Just think about the brass-necked opportunism of a party that has deliberately erected a huge economic social mobility barrier by lumbering the poorest students with eye-watering £57,000 debts then using the issue of vast unpayable student debt levels as a stick to bash their political opponents with!

The glee with which Henry Hill celebrates the virality of the Guido smear job suggests that he imagines that all of the 1.3 million views must have come from people who are mindless enough to be 100% receptive to the transparent fake news story that Jeremy Corbyn broke a promise that he didn't even make.

As I pointed out previously, it seems likely that a high percentage of under-40s who will have came across the Guido smear-job would have been absolutely disgusted by the vitriolic comments section which derides students as "idiots", "dimwits", "useless members of society" and "snowflakes" who are full of "entitlement" and indoctrinated with "cultural Marxism".

Aside from the tide of anti-student, anti-intellectual abuse from bitter old extreme-right blowhards, there is also a sickening seam of bigotry in the comments section including brazen displays of sexism, and calls for the execution of people who oppose Brexit.

The fact that leading Tories are sharing the hell out of this deceptive Guido Fawkes article and the intense hate filled echo chamber in the comments section just goes to show how staggeringly out of touch they are with reality.

Instead of countering Labour's popularity with the under-40s with some policies that would actually benefit the under-40s in any way, they're sharing the fundamentally dishonest propaganda of an extreme-right hate chamber as if they think that liberally-minded under-40s will be won over by a blatantly deceptive blog post and the depraved slobbering of extreme-right blowhards who hate students with all their black little hearts, and even want to bring back the death penalty for their political adversaries!

If the Tories had any clue at all they'd realise that explicitly associating themselves with such an extreme-right hate fest and describing it as "gold" is actually exactly the kind extreme-right nastiness that's created the intense unpopularity of their party with the under-40s.

It's as if they're so blind to reality that they're incapable of understanding that under-40s generally want a bit of honesty and integrity, and some political policies that might actually benefit their lives in some way, not just even more of the kind of intensive extreme-right smear-mongering that demonstrably failed to win Theresa May her coveted super-majority.

This failure was not down to the Tory attack machine failing to land any punches on Corbyn as Henry Hill asserts in his article, it's that the Tories were so focused on smearing Corbyn that they failed to actually provide any decent reasons for anyone under the age of 40 to actually vote Conservative.

It's as if they believe one more smear will be the golden key to success, rather than simply being a demonstration that they've absolutely failed to learn even the simplest of lessons about why their 2017 general election campaign was such a failure.

The Tories have deliberately created a student debt system where three quarters of students will never pay off their debts despite a lifetime of paying a 9% Aspiration Tax on their disposable income, and now they're assuming that students and graduates are so intensely gullible that they'll turn against Labour because Jeremy Corbyn's team haven't yet clearly identified how they could fix the vast student debt problem that the Tories created!

The Tory elitists are obviously delighted with the system they've created to lumber "the lower orders" with unpayable debt levels for the "crime" of aspiring to improve their skills and obtain professional qualifications, yet they're assuming that students and graduates are so dimwitted that they'll suddenly abandon Labour over the easily disprovable extreme-right misrepresentations they're pushing as hard as they can.

Just imagine the brass neck of it. "They've not yet come up with a plan to fix the problem we created so you should hate them instead of us" and "look at the success of this blog post where the below-the-line comments deride students and young people like you as self-entitled idiots, gleefully celebrate the fact that we've lumbered your generation with such huge unpayable debts, and revel in the kind of extreme-right bigotry that you detest".

If pushing this extreme-right Guido Fawkes smear-mongering rubbish as hard as they can is really the Tories' best effort to win back the under-40 vote, then they're obviously even more demographically doomed than the 2017 General Election result suggests.

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