Wednesday 12 July 2017

It's one year since brick-gate

Today is the one year anniversary of brick-gate.

Anyone who followed up the story of "the horrible Corbynistas who lobbed a brick through Angela Eagle's constituency office window" (rather than just unquestioningly believing what they were told by the mainstream media) will know that there's no evidence whatever that the damage was done by a Corbynista, that the object wasn't thrown through Angela Eagle's office window at all but a stairwell around the other side of the building, and that the object wasn't even a brick!

The fact that this pack of brick-gate lies is still being endlessly recycled by the mainstream media every time they want to have a general dig at Corbyn supporters is a demonstration of the reason the mainstream media simply can't be trusted to give fact-based accounts of the political situation.

The mainstream media hacks had an agenda last year, which was deriding Corbyn and smearing everyone who supported him, and brick-gate fitted perfectly with this narrative, so it was uncritically reported at the time, and even now it keeps getting parroted by mainstream hacks long after the whole story fell to pieces.

Either the people who keep on recycling this fabricated brick-gate story know that it all fell to pieces after some rudimentary investigative journalism and some Freedom of Information requests to the police, in which case they're being deliberately deceptive by still harking on about it, or they don't know they're hawking lies, which means they're pitifully unfit to do their own jobs.

Whether it's incompetence, or sheer dishonest malice that keeps this unflushable brick-gate propaganda turd floating back to the surface, it's now doing far more damage to the reputation of the mainstream media than it is to Jeremy Corbyn or the people who support him.

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