Friday 6 April 2018

Ruth Davidson's self-disproving lie

The Scottish Tory leader Ruth Davidson is a ridiculously brazen person, but on April 6th 2018 she truly excelled herself by posting a self-disproving lie on Twitter.

Even after all of this utterly brazen behaviour Davidson's latest effort is truly astounding. She's sent out a Tweet claiming that Scottish Income Tax payers earning over £26,000 will pay more tax under the SNP.

Not only is this claim a lie, it's actually contradicted by the newspaper clippings that she attached to her Tweet. The second attatched image includes a handy chart which clearly demonstrates that those earning £26,000 per year will pay £70 per year less in tax, and that only those earning over £33,000 will have to pay marginally more Income Tax in order to help fund the numerous things that make Scotland a much fairer society than England (free university tuition, free prescriptions, baby boxes, free eye care, free elderly care ...).

Just consider the arrogance of Ruth Davidson's self-disproving lie. And just think about how little regard Ruth Davidson must have for the people she's attempting to convince with it.

She obviously sees potential Scottish Tory voters as a spectacularly gullible bunch of barely literate knuckle-draggers if she thinks they'll be won over by a lie so blatant that it actually contradicts itself.

Still, given all the damage the Tories have inflicted on Scotland and the Scottish economy over the decades, Scottish Tory voters must be either absolutely riddled with gullibility, or be such servile and self-hating lowlifes that they actually get some kind of warped kick out of being lied to and mistreated by their merciless (and mainly English) Tory overlords.

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