Wednesday 18 April 2018

Just imagine what could happen if Jeremy Corbyn became Prime Minister

It's a good job Theresa May is a "moderate" isn't it? Unlike that scary hard-left extremist Jeremy Corbyn.

Just imagine if Jeremy Corbyn got into power.

I bet he'd immediately invite bigoted Northern Irish terrorist-backed sectarians into his government.

I bet Corbyn would sell off our British public infrastructure to undemocratic nations like China and to tyrannical middle east dictatorships too, and then fight tooth and nail to stop it ever coming back under British control.

I bet he'd repeatedly try to bypass parliamentary democracy, then sneer at anyone who objected to his terrifying autocratic tendencies.

I bet Corbyn would use his mates in the media to continually smear the political opposition, attack judges and academics who dare to scrutinise what he's doing, and instigate waves of death threats against members of his own party who dare to step out of line.

I bet he'd be so pleased with the disgusting hatchet jobs that his mates in the press had produced that he'd give these vile people jobs in his inner circle.

I bet Corbyn would take £hundreds of thousands in donations from Putin cronies and Russian oligarchs, then reverse reality by smearing his political opponents as "Kremlin stooges".

I bet he'd introduce stupid and unworkable laws that are derided by policy experts, the police, and legal professionals alike.

I bet Corbyn would work tirelessly to censor the Internet and give tens of thousands of people who work at non-terrorism related jobs like the Food Standards Agency, the Health and Safety Executive, and the Gambling Commission the power to trawl through our emails and Internet search histories.

I bet he'd suck up to some of the worst regimes on earth (Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Philippines ...) whilst allowing his government ministers to call our liberal and democratic European neighbours a bunch of Nazis.

I bet Corbyn would ignore and deride all of the expert advice to slash the police and the UK Border Agency to bits, then wash his hands of responsibility when the violent crime rate soars, and when terrorist attacks become more common.

I bet he'd do sick things like forcing people into absolute destitution for months because they missed a jobcentre appointment because they were too busy having a stroke/heart attack.

I bet Corbyn would load 86% of the negative impact of his economic policies onto the shoulders of poor and ordinary women.

I bet he'd be so depraved that he'd make rape victims explain the circumstances of their rape to bureaucrats.

I bet Corbyn would introduce blatantly sexist income requirements designed to rip apart British families.

I bet he'd waste £millions in taxpayers' money making people prove over and over again that they're unable to work, even though they have incurable disabilities or terminal illnesses.

I bet Corbyn would slash the fire service to bits and close dozens of fire stations, then deny responsibility for the massive increase in people dying in fires.

I bet he'd wreck Britain's future economic potential by under-investing in British infrastructure and oversee the worst collapse in UK workers' productivity in two centuries.

I bet Corbyn would introduce racist and discriminatory policies to force real British people out of Britain, whilst simultaneously selling UK residency to Russian oligarchs, corrupt Chinese officials, and the families of middle east dictators.

So let's be thankful that we have the wonderful moderate Mrs May in charge where nothing like that could ever happen.

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