Thursday 5 April 2018

If anyone is Vladimir Putin's "useful idiot", it's Boris Johnson

We're well and truly through the looking glass now guys. 

It was bonkers enough to witness the incoherent (and quite obviously anti-Semitic) "wrong kind of Jews" vitriol that was spat at Jeremy Corbyn over the weekend for spending the Jewish religious festival of Seder with young politically engaged Jews, instead of shopping like Theresa May was, but this Boris Johnson stuff is getting truly Orewllian.

Boris Johnson scored a massive own goal  against his own government for Vladimir Putin by lying about what the British chemical weapons experts at Porton Down had said.

Whatever the British government says now, the Russians can retort with 
"look at the way the British Foreign Secretary and Foreign Office lied about Salisbury", and they've actually got a point, and it's all Boris Johnson's fault.

But then Boris Johnson posts a tweet crudely deflecting attention onto Jeremy Corbyn with a load of tired old "Russian stooge" nonsense, and then a load of Tory drones in the mainstream media obediently do as they've been prompted and set about deliberately switching the debate away from Boris Johnson's lie and onto Jeremy Corbyn.

So an unmistakably Tory scandal stemming from yet another Boris blunder is somehow transformed into a stick to whack Jeremy Corbyn with!

Suddenly the debate is no longer Tory lies vs Porton Down expert analysis, because it's been warped into pro-government patriotism vs Russia, Putin, treason, eek.

Of course gullible people are going to side with the government who just got exposed as liars when the mainstream media misrepresent the debate as an us against them, support the government or you're a Putin-loving traitor situation.

And then we have mercenary Rupert Murdoch hacks deriding anyone who criticises Boris Johnson for trapping himself in a lie as Vladimir Putin's "useful idiots".

The guy who scores a massive propaganda own goal for Russia gets a free pass, and anyone who criticises what he did gets derided as a "useful idiot" for Putin!

You couldn't make it up, except they did, and they expect people to actually fall for it!

And then to top it all off we've got the BBC pushing the kind of dangerous "scrutiny of the government is treason" type propaganda you'd actually expect to see in Putin's Russia.

The Tories and their establishment chums in the mainstream media are desperately trying to reverse reality to make people believe that:
The people who mindlessly bang the drum for war, lap up the government lies, and start playing ridiculous distraction tactic games when the government lies are exposed - they're the clear-thinking rational voices.
And the people who ask for evidence, scrutinise the government line, and criticise government ministers who get caught out telling lies - they're cultists, kooks, conspiracy theorists, traitors, Putin's useful idiots!

The thing is that there are an awful lot of people who are gullible enough to fall for this kind of Tory Orwellian reality reversal, otherwise they wouldn't try it, but then there's also another form of damage too.

Even those of us with the critical thinking skills to see through the bombardment end up disorientated and confused by the constant barrage of reality-bending propaganda. It's called "gaslighting", and it's a propaganda tactic that Putin and his cronies use in Russia in order to mindfuck their political opponents, and the public at large.

So we've got a Tory party who are bankrolled by Russian oligarchs and Putin cronies and a bunch of obsequious Tory-serving mainstream media hacks using Putin-style mindfuck techniques to disorientate and misdirect the British public, and we've got the BBC state broadcaster transmitting Putin-style pro-government anti-opposition propaganda into our homes, and now they expect us to believe that anyone who dares question any of this lunacy is a traitor and a Putin stooge!

It absolutely beggars belief that they think they can get away with it. Please just tell me that I'm not alone in realising that British political discourse has become such a ridiculously Putinesque farce.

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