Friday 6 April 2018

The extraordinary lies that Tory activists are spreading on social media

Tory activists on Twitter are so desperate to turn the social media tide against Labour that they're spreading a barrage of outright lies, including extraordinary claims that Labour were responsible for some of the most unpopular Tory privatisations of the Thatcher and Major era.

I'm going to look at the output of one particular Tory social media activist in particular. The "Sarah Adams" account.

One of Sarah Adams' most commonly occurring claims is that Labour privatised British gas, electricity, water, and railways.

I'm sure that everyone knows that these were Thatcherite privatisations, and that the fantastic 2017 Labour Manifesto pledged to bring a lot of this stuff back into public ownership, but here are the links for the avoidance of doubt,
Blaming your political opponents for what you have done yourself is an absolutely nailed-on example of fascist propaganda.

Sarah Adams also claims that Labour sold off all NHS buildings, which is odd given that the 2017 Tory manifesto included a policy of forcing NHS trusts to sell off their buildings and land in line with the Naylor Report.

If all NHS buildings have been sold by Labour as is claimed, what's the Tory plan to force NHS authorities to sell them off to property speculators all about?

One of the most extraordinary things about this disgracefully dishonest Tory propaganda account is the way it repeatedly calls Labour MP "utter liars" in the same damned pictures that it's spreading reams of absolute lies.

Aside from the pack of lies I dissected in the article header image there's a lot more.

It's absolutely clear that Tory activists are so rattled by Labour's success on social media that they've resorted to spreading outright lies and vile race-baiting images, but then it's hardly surprising that they resort to disgusting and dishonest tactics like this given the disgusting BNP-style Tory London Mayoral campaign in 2016 and the tide of outrageously misleading propaganda that gets spread by official Tory party social media accounts.

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