Friday, 20 April 2018

You won't hear about this latest Tory scandal on the mainstream news

The Tory party are in the midst of a massive scandal about their callous discrimination against Windrush citizens of the United Kingdom that was caused by Theresa May's UKIP-pandering anti-immigrant legislation in 2014. So the last thing they needed was another scandal involving festering extreme-right bigotry in their party to erupt, but erupt it has.

A Vice investigation has revealed that a Generation Identity extreme-right white-supremacist by the name of Darren Harrison has infiltrated the Tory party, and that they liked him so much that they actually selected him to stand as a Tory local election candidate in Watford.
When the scandal broke the Tories suspended him from the party and high profile Tory figures like Brandon Lewis and James Cleverly who associated with him have rapidly distanced themselves. But it's highly likely that they'll just wait for the furore to die down let him sneak back, just like the disgraceful bigots Ruth Davidson welcomed back in the Scottish Tory party with open arms a few months after the scandal died down.

The Tories can hardly claim innocence because, up until it was hastily deleted when this scandal broke, Harrison's Twitter feed was absolutely full of right-wing extremism, including open support for Generation Identity right-wing extremists when they were banned from entering the UK by the Tory government, retweets of the former-EDL leader and terrorist-inspiring hate preacher Tommy Robinson, and pictures of him cavorting with his extremist mates.
He even wrote a letter to the Home Office complaining that his extremist mates had been prevented from entering the UK and bragged about it on Twitter.

Harrison's infatuation with the extreme-right wasn't just Twitter-based either, he also attended a number of Generation Identity events in person.

The only way it's possible that the Tories didn't know about his extremist activities is if they carried out literally no background checks whatever (such as scrolling though his Twitter feed or just asking him if he's involved with any extremist organisations). The other option is that they knew about it, but felt that imitating Trump by appealing to the extreme-right neo-Nazi demographic in Watford would be a good move for the party.

If they didn't do it on purpose, then their only possible excuse for allowing such an individual to progress so far within their party is absolute and total incompetence.

It's absolutely incredible that the Tories are busy banning Generation Identity extremists from entering the UK on the one hand, but putting them up as Tory local election candidates on the other.

But don't expect to hear about this scandal in the mainstream media or on the BBC news, because the number one priority for most of them right now is running damage limitation and distraction tactics for Theresa May and the Tories over the outrageous Windrush scandal.

Credit to vice for breaking the story: read their article here.

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