Tuesday 10 April 2018

Look which way the praise is going

Nick Griffin is the forgotten man of extreme-right politics. Not only was he deposed as the leader of the BNP, that whole party has now completely collapsed into oblivion after UKIP nicked all their support. But despite the UK political landscape being better off without him, mainstream media hacks have suddenly propelled him back in the limelight after he said he supports Jeremy Corbyn's opposition to airstrikes in Syria.

Interestingly just the day before Griffin's comments, it was revealed that actual members of the Tory party youth organisation Activate had been praising the likes of Britain first and the former EDL leader Tommy Robinson, and plotting to use their divisive hate-mongering tactics to win votes for the Tory party.

Any idiot can see that in the case of Activate the praise was coming from inside the Tory party, and being given to disgusting neo-fascist hatemongers who have inspired at least two deadly extreme-right terrorist attacks, and that Nick Griffin's praise was coming from outside the Labour Party.

But somehow one of these things was splashed all over the mainstream news, and the other was only covered on a couple of independent left-wing blogs.

Aside from the fact that it's grotesque for mainstream media hacks to resurrect Nick Griffin from the politically dead solely for the purpose of smearing Labour, there's a massive hypocrisy at play here.

The mainstream media are absolutely fine with actual Tory members praising extreme-right hatemongers, and plotting to use their disgusting tactics in their own Tory propaganda operation. In fact they're so absolutely fine with it that not a single mainstream news organisation even covered this remarkable story.

On the other hand this unwanted praise from the forgotten man of extreme-right politics was exactly the kind of stuff anti-Labour hacks in the mainstream press needed to push their transparent anti-Corbyn propaganda.

If we look at mainstream political parties attracting support from the extreme-right, then who could forget the Britain First leader threatening to attack and intimidate anyone who dares criticise the Tory Brextremist in chief Jacob Rees Mogg?

The mainstream media absolutely refused to cover this story because it didn't fit with their anti-Corbyn agenda, and no pressure was put on Rees-Mogg to condemn Britain First and refuse their offer to serve as his personal storm troopers.

Then there's the fact that the Tories nicked the BNP's propaganda tactics wholesale for their own use in the 2016 London Mayoral election.

Then there's the fact that the Tories had to bribe the sectarian bigots in the DUP with £1 billion in taxpayers' money to cling onto political power after Theresa May threw their parliamentary majority away in her vanity election.

Then there's the fact that the Tory party is absolutely dependent on retaining the support of the extreme-right ultranationalist Blue-kip demographic in order to cling to power

Any idiot can see that the Tories have shifted off into the bonkers extreme-right territory, and that any effort by them to move slightly back towards the centre-right territory would drive away the blue-kip demographic and collapse their vote.

Not only do the Tories actively praise the extreme-right and blatantly pinch their propaganda tactics, they know perfectly well that without the extreme-right ultranationalist demographic they nicked from UKIP (who previously pinched it from the BNP) then they're going to get trounced at the next general Election.

Whether the praise is flowing from the Tory party to the extreme-right, or from the extreme-right to the Tory party, the mainstream media ignore it because this growing co-dependency between the Tories and the extreme-right doesn't suit their anti-Corbyn agenda.

Nobody in Labour has ever praised the extreme right or considered using their vile, divisive hate-mongering tactics to promote Labour, but the one time a (near forgotten) fascist agrees with one of Labour's policies, suddenly the press are absolutely up in arms about it.

The reason is absolutely obvious. They desperately want to drive progressive people away from Labour by associating them with right-wing extremism, while they simultaneously give the Tories a total free ride on their ever growing dependency on the extreme-right.

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