Sunday 22 April 2018

Jacob Rees-Mogg is cynically blaming the EU for the horrible consequences of his own actions

In January 2014 Jacob Rees-Mogg was one of many Tory and Lib-Dem politicians to actively vote in favour of Theresa May's vile UKIP-pandering anti-immigrant legislation that was subsequently used to discriminate against Windrush British citizens.

You can see Rees-Mogg's support for this legislation on the Hansard Parliamentary record.

Let's not pretend that Rees-Mogg and his Tory colleagues were not warned that these rules could be used to discriminate against British citizens without the documentation to prove their nationality, because they were warned by Diane Abbott during the parliamentary debate, and that warning was brushed off with a dose of Theresa May's ridiculously evasive question-dodging waffle.

Rees-Mogg knows perfectly well that it was the legislation that he voted in favour of that created this atmosphere of intimidation and discrimination against Windrush Brits, yet he's popped up on the front page of the Daily Telegraph to spin the extraordinary tale that the EU and pro-Europeans are to blame for the consequences of the UKIP-pandering legislation that he (and most of the other Tory Brextremists) actively voted in favour of.

Here's what he said: "We are not the sort of country that demands to see your papers, but I'm afraid pro-Europeans think we should be They buy into the EU-style relationship between individual and state. It's a shift to state being powerful and individual being weak"

Yet Rees-Mogg knows perfectly well that he voted in favour of Theresa May's anti-immigrant legislation in order to deny deny housing, employment, social security, pensions, and NHS care to people without the documentation to prove that they are British citizens. 

He knows perfectly well that he voted in favour of Theresa May's legislation to weaken the rights of the individual and to give the state far more powers to discriminate against those without documentation to prove that they're British citizens.

Aside from the fact that Rees-Mogg has completely evaded taking responsibility for his own actions or apologising for supporting such rotten legislation, he's clearly taking the opportunistic cowards' approach of blaming others for what he did himself.

It's bad enough that Rees-Mogg has sunk to the level of blaming his political opponents for the dire consequences of his own actions. But worse than that is the way the Daily Telegraph allowed him to spew this reality-reversing gibberish on their front page, and that other pro-Brexit rags like the Express and Daily Mail rapidly churnalised this rubbish into anti-EU stories of their own.

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