Tuesday 22 November 2016

The "Alt-right" fascists with an inside track to the White House

There are many terrifying things about Donald Trump and the atrocious people he is picking for senior positions in the next US government, but the way that he so openly courts the fanatically right-wing white supremacist movement who call themselves the "Alt-right" is perhaps the most concerning of all.

Much has already been made of Trump's decision to appoint Steve Bannon as his policy strategist given some of the outrageous "Alt-right" bigotry hosted on the far-right website Brietbart when he was boss there, so I won't go into it here other than to say that anyone who thinks that the "Alt-right" movement don't have an inside track to the White House is obviously delusional.

Supporters of the "Alt-right" movement expend an awful lot of energy trying to deny that they're simply the latest neo-Nazi incarnation, but they're going to have a very difficult time explaining this video in which "Alt-right" leader Richard B. Spencer celebrates the election of Donald Trump by yelling "heil Trump" while numerous audience members make Nazi salutes in response.

If "Heil Trump" and the Nazi-saluting crowd aren't enough to convince you that these people are modern day fascists, just listen to the laughter that greets Spencer's comments about the press being "Golem" to protect Jewish interests, his use of the German phrase "lugenpresse" and his drivel about how America was always "a white country".

The most terrifying thing about this latest Nazi while-supremacist movement is that they're not the kind of violent skinhead street thugs of the 70s and 80s, they're wealthy politically connected white men (not many women in the audience is there) in expensive suits who now have an inside track to the White House.

  • There are ever fewer US veterans of the Second World War, but there are still many thousands out there. It makes me wonder what these guys who saw so many of their compatriots die during the liberation of Europe from fascism must think to see a bunch of modern-day fascists giving Nazi salutes in support of the next President of the United States.
  • What must these veterans think of the fact that so much of Donald Trump's hateful, divisive and bigoted rhetoric during the election campaign was designed to appeal to this growing neo-Nazi movement in American politics?
  • What must these veterans think of the fact that these modern day Nazis have an inside track to the White House through the appointment of the former boss of the biggest "Alt-right" propaganda platform of all as Trump's policy adviser?
I guess that the sad reality is that very few people care what these veterans of the war against fascism might think about the next President's ties to this neo-Nazi movement. After all, WWII veterans are a small and rapidly shrinking demographic.

It's horrifying that Donald Trump surged to victory with the extremely vocal backing of these bigoted Nazi-saluting fascists (and other white supremacists like the KKK); it's alarming that Trump has given these extremists an inside track into the White House by appointing Steve Bannon as one of his closest aides; and it's disgusting that Trump's foul bigoted rhetoric has given these racist Nazi-worshipping scumballs such an elated sense of victory and validation.

Non-white and socially liberal people in America have every right to be afraid of the neo-Nazi white supremacists that Donald Trump has done so much to embolden. Just look at the embedded video above again to see the hatred and extremism of these people, and their unbridled joy that their man is in the White House.

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