Monday, 28 November 2016

Paul Nuttall absolutely hates the NHS

UKIP are an absolute shambles. Nigel Farage quit as leader immediately after Brexit in order to set himself up as Donald Trump's butler. His successor Diane James lasted only 18 days in the job before she was driven out by the infighting (she's now quit the party completely). The front-runner to replace her was Steven Woolfe but he got himself into a fist fight with another UKIP member and then quit the party in a strop.

This exodus of politicians meant that UKIP were left with the absolute dregs for their latest leadership contest, which was eventually won by Paul Nuttall.

Aside from featuring as the butt of a prolonged Stewart Lee sketch about sending back migrants and being widely detested by his fellow Merseysiders, Paul Nuttall is not exactly a high-profile political figure.

One thing that we do know about Paul Nuttall is that he hates the National Health Service with a burning ideological passion.

Another thing we know about Paul Nuttall is that he's an Internet illiterate who imagines that deleting pages from his website is sufficient to make his rabid anti-NHS views disappear from the Internet completely!

Unfortunately for Paul Nuttall deleting the anti-NHS rants he posted to his blog isn't enough to make them go away because there are plenty of Internet archive services like The Wayback Machine, and pretty much every electronic device these days has the power to take screenshots of his anti-NHS ranting too.

A look at Paul Nuttall's rabidly anti-NHS comments that he so ineptly tried to hide from the public demonstrate how much he hates the NHS.

In one blog post he actually started off by congratulating the Tory government for their massive backdoor privatisation of the NHS in 2012. The way he described this mass privatisation scheme as just "a whiff of privatisation" is a clear demonstration that he thinks that the huge wave of NHS privatisation the Tories initiated in 2012 doesn't even go far enough!

Nuttall's anti-NHS rant uses numerous pejorative terms to denigrate the NHS and its staff as "inefficient" and "second rate".

The evidence is absolutely clear that the NHS is actually one of the most efficient health services in the world, and one that massively outperforms the kind of rip-off private sector dominated system in the United States that Paul Nuttall obviously prefers.

Nuttall doesn't describe the NHS as "inefficient" because it's inefficient at providing care services becuase it isn't. He describes it as "inefficient" because it's inefficient at transferring public money into the pockets of his mates in the private health sector as he would like.

One of the most telling things about Paul Nuttall's toxic anti-NHS rant is the way he openly lied about NHS staffing ratios by claiming that the the manager to nurse ratio in the NHS is 1:1. I researched the claim at the time and found that the real manager to nurse ration in the NHS was well over 10:1.  This is an undeniable example of a right-wing politician telling outright lies in order to denigrate the NHS.

In more honourable times it would be extraordinary for a political party to appoint such a brazen liar as their leader, but after Tony Blair, and David Cameron, and the staggeringly dishonest Brexit campaign, and Donald Trump ... it's no surprise at all that UKIP have chosen a brazen bare-faced liar as their leader.

Aside from the blog post in which Nuttall denigrated the NHS and its staff, openly lied about NHS staffing levels, and congratulated the Tories for their massively unpopular NHS privatisation scheming, there's even more evidence that Paul Nuttall hates the NHS.

In another hastily deleted blog post Nuttall denigrated the NHS again, lambasted the political establishment for not destroying it quickly enough, and then recommended a report from a private health provider recommending ... wait for it ... more NHS privatisation!

The reason Nuttall decided to attempt to hide these bile laden anti-NHS rants is obvious. He hasn't changed his mind about the NHS. A burning ideological passion that strong obviously doesn't just dissipate. He's decided to hide his rabidly anti-NHS views because he knows that the socialist NHS is valued by the vast majority of the UK population.

It seems obvious that Paul Nuttall decided to hide his real views on the NHS because he knew that it would be easier to dupe more people into voting for UKIP if he doesn't go around expressing his true opinion that the "free at the point of need" NHS should be torn down and replaced with a private insurance based model like the US system so that his wealthy private health chums can rake in a load of cash.

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