Tuesday 8 November 2016

The growing mountain of evidence that UKIP are a Tory Trojan Horse party

For years I've been trying to point out that UKIP is a Tory Trojan Horse political party  to facilitate the interests of the hard-right fringe of the Tory party.

The UKIP Trojan Horse plot is simple enough. They constantly dress themselves up as an "alternative" to the mainstream political parties even though they share an almost identical hard-right ideological agenda with the Tory party.

By posturing as an alternative to the political status quo UKIP have managed to hoover up the votes of millions of dissatisfied voters who might otherwise have backed actual alternatives to the hard-right political orthodoxy that has annihilated working class jobs, wages and communities across the United Kingdom ever since 1979.

The genius of this Trojan Horse strategy is that it has used discontentment at the consequences of four decades of hard-right economic dogma in order to drag British politics ever further to the right.

There is abundant evidence that UKIP is essentially a branch of the Tory party. Their charismatic ideological leader Nigel Farage is a Thatcher-worshipping former Tory party activist, UKIP is completely riddled with ex-Tories who have passed through the revolving door between the Tory party and UKIP; the guy who wrote the 2010 UKIP manifesto was a Tory before he wrote it and is now a Tory again; the new UKIP leader Paul Nuttall actually
 stood as a Tory party candidate in Bootle back in 2002;and 90% of UKIPs donations are raised from millionaire former Tory party donors.

After the vote for Brexit the fact that UKIP are a Trojan Horse for promoting the interests of the radical hard-right fringe of the Tory party has become ever more apparent. Here are several very strong indicators.

  • Nigel Farage is another UKIP politician who is as keen as mustard to see Theresa May set the legal precedent that the Prime Minister can just make up the law of the land as they go along, completely free from parliamentary scrutiny or approval. In fact Farage is so keen to support Theresa May's dictatorial urges that he even planned to raise a right-wing mob to intimidate the judiciary into scrapping the sovereignty of parliament.
UKIP and the Tories backed a joint political candidate in London; a UKIP defector to the Tories has stated that the political ideologies of the two parties are essentially identical; the UKIP leadership favourite shares radical anti-NHS views with the Tory party; another UKIP leadership candidate supports the Tory Prime Minister's dictatorial urges so strongly that she's calling for judges to be sacked in order to achieve it; and the most famous UKIP politician of all is intent on raising a mob to secure Theresa May's objective of scrapping parliamentary sovereignty and making up the law of the land as she goes along.

Of course Ukippers will try to attack me personally and decry this article as a "conspiracy theory", but the mountain of evidence that UKIP and the hard-right fringe of the Tories are essentially working together is absolutely damning, and growing all the time.

UKIP and the Tories are ideological blood-brothers, and the creation of a radically right-wing protest party has clearly and undeniably empowered the hard-right fringe of the Tory party.

After years of Ukippers' harking on about the importance of parliamentary sovereignty it's astounding that they have turned so savagely against the concept because they now don't want to see Theresa May and her hard-right government constrained by it. 
This complete Ukipper U-turn on parliamentary sovereignty illustrates two things very clearly indeed. UKIP support Theresa May and her Tory government so strongly that they would gladly sacrifice British political traditions like parliamentary sovereignty and the independence of the judiciary to support her dictatorial tendencies, and a huge number of their supporters are clearly capable of truly Orwellian levels of Doublethink over the concept of parliamentary sovereignty.

Not only have UKIP managed to drag the Tory party so much further to the right, they're now openly supporting Tory candidates in elections and threatening to raise a right-wing mob to intimidate the judiciary into allowing Theresa May to scrap parliamentary sovereignty and rule the UK as a right-wing dictator.

The reality is absolutely obvious. The people who believe in absurd conspiracy theories are not those who point out the fact that UKIP are a Tory Trojan Horse party, it's those who are actually gullible enough to believe that UKIP are an alternative to the political status quo, rather than a tool to further empowering the hard-right fringe of it.

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