Monday, 28 November 2016

What kind of monstrous God has Theresa May been talking to?

Theresa May's claims that God and her faith have been guiding her Brexit decisions is extraordinary stuff that is reminiscent of George W. Bush's claim that God told him to invade Iraq.

Other political commentators have already pointed out a couple of glaring flaws with Theresa May's claims that she's being guided by God.

Political Scrapbook pointed out that Theresa May argued against Brexit before the referendum, meaning that if she was guided by God to tell a bunch of Goldman Sachs bankers that leaving the European Union would be a terrible move for British businesses and British security, then God must have changed his mind about Brexit if he's now telling her to lead the UK into the economic catastrophe of a hard Brexit!

The other point that numerous political commentators have made is to imagine the reaction if a Muslim (or any other non-Christian) spoke about their God(s) influencing their political decisions. There would obviously be a huge outcry if Sadiq Khan (for example) decided to claim that his relationship with Allah and his Islamic faith was guiding his political decisions as the Mayor of London. Either personal relationships with deities have a role in political decision making or they don't. You can't get outraged about one politician gabbling on about their relationship with their deity if you're going to give a free pass to another politician doing exactly the same thing.

The point I want to raise is even simpler. It's to look at Theresa May's voting record and some of her political speeches and consider what kind of God would have told her to behave in such appalling ways.

One of the things that springs immediately to mind is Theresa May's appalling bragging to parliament that she would use nuclear weapons to incinerate 100,000 innocent men, women and children. What kind of God would have told her to say that? Obviously the kind of vengeful old testament God who drowned almost every human on earth, but one who has now decided to outsource his genocidal tendencies to Theresa May.

Another thing that springs to mind is the appalling legislation Theresa May introduced as Home Secretary in order to tear apart tens of thousands of British families. What kind of God would approve of immigration laws that discriminate so strongly against women and people outside of wealthier areas like London and the Home Counties? A misogynistic Tory God apparently.

For six years Theresa May loyally and repeatedly voted in favour of George Osborne's socially and economically destructive austerity agenda, despite the mountains of evidence that ideological austerity hits women much harder than it hits men. If God telling Theresa May to introduce immigration rules that discriminate against woman wasn't evidence enough that Theresa May's Tory God is some kind of misogynist, then her support for George Osborne's catastrophic austerity experiment surely is.

Theresa May is one of the most savagely authoritarian politicians in Westminster. She is of the ilk who believe that the government has a right, and even a duty, to interfere in the lives of ordinary citizens as much as possible. If this God Theresa May has been consulting told her to introduce legislation to create a massive database to store the Internet Browsing histories of millions of innocent people so that quangos like the Health and Safety Executive, The Food Standards Agency, The NHS Business Services Authority and the Department of Transport can pick through them without even applying for a warrant, then he must have been mightily pleased with the work of the Russian KGB and the East German Stasi too.

Theresa May's government is currently trying to push through an absurd piece of legislation designed to prevent UK resident adults from watching certain kinds of pornography. Theresa May and her government seem particularly preoccupied that British adults have been watching film clips of female ejaculation on the Internet. Perhaps it was God who told Theresa May that adults watching female ejaculation is sinful and should be banned by her government, but adults watching male ejaculation is perfectly fine and dandy?

Maybe one of Theresa May's conversations with God inspired her to give the deeply divisive anti-immigrant speech she made at the Tory party conference in 2015? It seems that the God Theresa May has been consulting is of the opinion that people should stay in the country they were damned well born in (unless they're stinking rich of course, then Theresa May should serve him by making it easier for them to simply buy their way into Britain), and that divisive anti-immigrant shit-stirring is a valuable public service.

Theresa May also voted in favour of stuff like the Bedroom Tax (which disproportionately affects disabled people) and Iain Duncan Smith's appallingly vindictive disability witch hunt. If God approved of this stuff and told Theresa May to support it, it appears that he must hate disabled people as much as he hates women.

If the God who guides Theresa May's actions is such an indecisive, genocidal, authoritarian, misogynistic, sexually prudish, anti-northern, pro-rich, anti-immigrant bigot who gets a kick out of the suffering of disabled people, it should be no great consolation to anybody that Theresa May is now consulting him over Brexit.

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