Friday, 4 November 2016

The Daily Express definition of democracy

It's just a few weeks ago that hacks at the Express decided to update their definition of democracy to include the dictatorial insanity of imprisoning people without trial for the "crime" of holding the wrong political opinion.

On November 3rd 2016 the High Court ruled that Theresa May can't just make up the law as she goes along, and that her Brexit plan (whatever it is) should be subject to parliamentary scrutiny and approval.

The three High Court judges upheld the law that parliament is sovereign, and that Theresa May can't just go around acting like a squalid little dictator with absolute contempt for the law of the land. For anyone who even remotely understands the issues at play this ruling was a massive victory for democracy and a clear assertion that parliament, not the Prime Minister is sovereign.

The right-wing media reaction to this ruling was absolutely extraordinary to behold. The front page of the Daily Express featured an extraordinarily revisionist interpretation of events which included the extraordinary assertion that "November 3rd 2016 was the day democracy died".

As far as the fascistic hacks at the Daily Express are concerned, an unelected Prime Minister attempting to undermine democracy by completely bypassing parliament and inventing her own laws is "democracy" and three British judges ruling that actually parliament is sovereign and the Prime Minister can't behave like a dictator and just make up her own laws represents the death of democracy!

This is such a staggering piece of "democracy is dictatorship" revisionism that it wouldn't have looked out of place alongside George Orwell's terrifying revisionist slogans "war is peace", "freedom is slavery", and "ignorance is strength".

So now not only does the Daily Express definition of democracy include imprisonment without trial for thoughtcrime, it's also has essentially the same meaning as dictatorship!

It's easy to see why Theresa May, the hard-right fringe of the Tory party and their cheerleaders in the right-wing press are so upset about this ruling that parliament is sovereign. If they could have got away with making new laws without parliamentary approval it would have set them an incredibly useful precedent that the Prime Minister can do whatever the hell they like without seeking any kind of democratic approval whatever. Wouldn't it be so much easier for the Tory party to create their savage right-wing dystopia if Theresa May could just make up new laws to suit herself without having to seek parliamentary approval.

Hacks at the Daily Express weren't the only only ones to resort to revisionist wailing about the Hight Court ruling that Theresa May can't behave like a dictator, 
the Daily Mail declared the three judges "enemies of the people" and the S*n got in on the act too with a load of xenophobic drivelling.

The unfortunate thing about this deeply fascistic ranting from the right-wing press is that millions of gullible idiots will simply lap up the drivel they've read in their favoured right-wing hate comics, and actually believe that this ruling in favour of parliamentary sovereignty is the attack on democracy that the right-wing hacks are telling them that it is.

There are millions of angry and politically naive people out there who genuinely believe that Theresa May's dictatorial efforts to ride roughshod over parliamentary sovereignty (despite all of the expert advice saying she couldn't) is democratic, and that the judges who slapped her down and told her to stop behaving like a dictator are anti-democratic "enemies of the people"!

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