Thursday 3 November 2016

The Daily Mail just attacked this judge for being "openly gay"

The hacks at the Daily Mail were obviously going to be in a huff about the High Court ruling that Theresa May can't just do whatever the hell she likes from now on, and that parliament (not our unelected Prime Minister) is sovereign.

It should come as no surprise that they're trying to whip up a hate campaign against the three judges that ruled that Theresa May doesn't have the right to by-pass parliament, but the nature of their attack against one of the judges was particularly appalling.

In an article decrying the judicial decision to uphold parliamentary sovereignty in the face of this anti-democratic Tory assault, the Daily Mail attacked the judge Terence Etherton for being "openly gay". Within half an hour or so the newspaper extreme-right hate comic proved that they knew how disgraceful their line of attack was by removed the homophobic wording from the article headline. However the main text of the Daily Mail article continues to expose details of Etherton's personal life for what seems to be no other reason than to negatively highlight his sexuality.

It speaks volumes about the right-wing mentality that the Daily Mail article offered absolutely no reasoning to justify their favoured position that the Prime Minister should be able to act like a dictator and completely by-pass parliament to make new laws, but instead focused on launching ad hominem (at-the-person) attacks against the three judges who made the decision, including the use of Etherton's sexuality as a criticism.

It also speaks volumes about the mentality of the average Brexit-supporting Daily Mail reader that the comments section beneath such an appalling article is full of people whining that this decision makes today "a dark day for democracy", when in reality it's clearly a massive victory for democracy over a power-crazed and savagely authoritarian Prime Minister who thinks she can behave like a dictator and make laws without parliamentary scrutiny or approval.

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