Monday 26 February 2018

The most viral Tory Tweet of 2018 so far is a grovelling apology for defamation!

There's no better proof of the absolute ineptitude of the Tories when it comes to social media than the Tory MP and vice-chair Ben Bradley issuing a humiliating retraction of his seriously defamatory comments about Jeremy Corbyn. 

Part of the apology agreement specified by Jeremy Corbyn was that Bradley would Tweet his apology.

Over the next couple of days Bradley's apology Tweet has gone mega-viral with over 47,000 Retweets so far.

To put this in perspective, that's more retweets than the combined total of all of the retweets  the official Tory Twitter account has managed since January 1st!

So the most viral Tory Tweet of 2018 so far is an apology and admission that the Tory MP in question used social media to spread "untrue and false" smears against a political opponent!

The most viral Tory Tweet of the year so far is an absolute gift to the Labour Party!

But the Tory social media ineptitude doesn't stop there. 

On the same day that Bradley's apology Tweet was going mega-viral, his boss Brandon Lewis announced his plan to hire an army of paid Tory Twitter trolls to the Daily Telegraph.

The Tories are so terrified of Labour's half million members and the growing social media power of new independent media that they're trying to buy popularity on Twitter by paying people to spread pro-Tory propaganda.

Aside from the obvious problem that people are much more likely to engage with political content shared by actual friends, or by famous personalities they respect and admire, rather than obvious Tory shill accounts, there are also the electoral expenses rules to consider.

If these pro-Tory shill accounts retweet or mention any specific Tory MPs during General Election campaigns, then surely their salaries should be included in local election expenses returns?

And then there's this ridiculous Tweet from Brandon Lewis too:

This kind of accuse your opponents of what you're guilty of yourself deception is a classic extreme-right propaganda tactic, and right-wingers also resorted to another well worn extreme-right trope to deflect attention away from Bradley's admission that he's an outrageous liar.

Kate McCann from the Daily Telegraph resorted to victim complex pleading to argue that people Retweeting Ben Bradley's apology were being "vicious and vindictive" by doing so.

So we had a right-wing hack from one of the billionaire tax-dodger owned propaganda rags that spread the Corbyn Czech spy nonsense claiming that the MP who admitted posting extremely defamatory social media comments about a political rival as the poor victim, and the members of the public who did as they were asked and retweeted his apology as the "vicious and vindictive" bullies.

This bizarre effort to portray an admitted liar as the poor victim is yet another example of the kind of reality-reversing Orwellian rhetoric that right-wingers end up resorting to in order to defend the indefensible actions and policies of their beloved Tory party.

The Tories' most viral Tweet of 2018 to date is an apology for dishonest smear-mongering, and the Tory response to this debacle is even more reality-reversing rhetoric about how the proven liar is the poor victim and the public are the bullies.

Under these ludicrous circumstances it really any wonder that the only way they can get people to campaign for them on Twitter is to pay them?

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