Monday 5 February 2018

Just look at the absolute dregs the Tory party are welcoming with open arms these days

We all know that the Tory party are running scared because Labour have built up a massive political army of 500,000+ activists, and because Theresa May spectacularly wasted their once in a lifetime opportunity to deliver a thumping majority for the hard-right by unifying the Tory and UKIP vote.

The Tories know that they've positioned themselves over a demographic trapdoor and they can't get off

They know that the vile hard-right ultra-nationalism they used to attract the blue-kip vote is completely toxic to the majority of under-50s, but they also know that the blue-kip mob are a fickle bunch who would abandon them as quickly as they flocked to support them if the Tory party ever tried to drop the hard-right Brextremism.

So imagine the delight of the Tory Romford MP Andrew Rosindell when two young lads defied the demographic norm by joining his "Action Team".

Rosindell was so chuffed that he welcomed the young lads with open arms, awarded them blue rosettes, and even gave them Twitter shout outs via his own Twitter account.

Unfortunately for Rosindell his Tweet perked the interest of an Another Angry Voice follower called Aleesha, who had a little look into the kind of young men who would decide to actively campaign for the Tories these days.

It turns out that Joe Crossley on the left is the kind of guy to retweet overtly racist pictures, and Jake Moore on the right is the kind of person who thinks the extreme-right scrawlings of the former-EDL leader Tommy Robinson constitutes "absolute quality" and one of the best books he's ever read!

Crossley could probably fall back on the excuse that he did his racist retweet back in October 2014, (which these days apparently counts as "a long time ago" when making excuses for vile Internet comments unless you're from the political left) but Moore's gushing praise for the hate preacher who inspired the extreme-right Finsbury Park terrorist attack was posted less than five weeks before Rosindell welcomed him into his inner circle with open arms and handed him his blue rosette.

Since their Tweets were noticed, both Tory activists have locked down their Twitter accounts to prevent anyone else from looking through their Tweets for more evidence of racism, bigotry, and extreme-right sympathies.

Aside from noting the disgusting calibre of people the Tory party are willing to welcome with open arms as they charge headlong for the extreme-right territory once occupied by the BNP and UKIP, it's also important to note their ridiculously amateurish attitude.

One would have thought that any reasonably competent political party would check the backgrounds of their activists before welcoming them into the fold, but neglecting to do even that before Tweeting out their Twitter handles that link directly back to bigoted and extreme-right stuff on their Twitter profiles is way beyond incompetence.

Anyway. The next time you hear the endlessly repeated mainstream media propaganda trope that Labour is being infiltrated by the extreme-left, remember that it's Orwellian reality-reversing rubbish, and that the real extremist infiltration is happening in the Tory party, and that this extreme-right influx is actually being welcomed with open arms by a shambolic self-serving party that see desperately appealing to the basest instincts of the extreme-right as their only hope of clinging to political power in the face of the Corbyn surge.

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