Monday 5 February 2018

The violent Jacob Rees-Mogg supporter likes to dress up as a Nazi for fun!

If you're the kind of person to mindlessly accept the mainstream media presentation of events at face value, you'd now be under the impression that on Friday night a bunch of violent leftist goons tried to attack the hard-right Brextremist, Tory leadership favourite, and darling of the Britain First hate mob Jacob Rees-Mogg.

The reality, as is so often the case, is completely different.

Yes some noisy protesters turned up to interrupt a Jacob Rees-Mogg speech, but Rees-Mogg went over to talk to them and they certainly didn't "attack" him as claimed by desperately dishonest outlets like the (Daily Mail owned) Metro in their coverage of the incident.

As Rees-Mogg was talking to the protesters, one of his supporters waded in violently, striking a young woman twice in the face, escalating the scene from unruly but peaceful protest to a violent melee. 

The mainstream media and a whole bunch of politicians (including a load of clueless Labour Politicians) mindlessly regurgitated the hard-right Guido Fawkes/Breitbart propaganda line that the violence was instigated by the left, when the video evidence proved that it was instigated by the white-shirted Jacob Rees-Mogg supporting goon.

The outrageous Tory opportunist Brandon Lewis even used the Orwellian misrepresentations of this incident smear Jeremy Corbyn and launch a new government crackdown on political protest to supposedly protect free speech.

A crackdown on political protest to protect free speech is bonkers enough in it's own right, but it's off-the-chart lunacy when it's coming from the political party who brought us the gagging law, unprecedented state snooping powers, a plan to ban academics criticising the government, and relies on an army of death threat hurling blue-kippers to crush any signs of dissent within their own party!

The mainstream media obviously didn't bother to investigate the identity of the violent right-wing thug who escalated the situation, because to do so would have totally undermined their carefully crafted propaganda narrative that the left, and ultimately Jeremy Corbyn, are to blame for the violence.

Fortunately independent media did bother to investigate, and the white-shirted goon has been identified as Paul Townsley, a martial arts instructor from Bristol with a penchant for campaigning for Jacob Rees-Mogg to replace Theresa May as leader of the Tory party.

Townsley's son then helpfully confirmed that it was his dad who instigated the violence at the event.

And then on the Monday morning the independent blog Skwawkbox delivered the huge scoop that the mainstream media completely missed; pictures of Townsley actually dressed up as a Nazi.

Jacob-Rees-Mogg has denied having any connection with Townsley, but this denial is now coming under scrutiny too, and if Rees-Mogg does have any political, financial, or business connections to this violent hard-right goon, he'd better come clean soon, because independent media will definitely find them.

Whether he has political or financial connections to Townsley or not, a refusal to condemn his violent actions at this point would clearly be another display of cowardice from the Brextremist in chief (after his refusal to condemn the Britain First hate mob who have been mobilising to support him).

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