Sunday 4 February 2018

Britain First are mobilising behind Jacob Rees-Mogg

Just days after one of Britain First's vast army of brainwashing victims was convicted for committing an act of vigilante terrorism in London, Britain First are mobilising behind the Brextremist Tory toff Jacob Rees-Mogg, and their extreme-right hate mob are plotting vengeance attacks against one of the protesters who interrupted Jacob Rees-Mogg's speech in Bristol.

Any decent person should be disgusted by Jacob Rees-Mogg, his proven associations with racists and white supremacists, his vehement opposition to women's rights, his unwavering support for ruinous Tory austerity dogma, and his recent hard Brexit conspiracy mongering against the civil service that has been compared to the behaviour of the Nazi party in 1930s Germany.

However Rees-Mogg's hard-right politics, Brextremist conspiracy-mongering, white supremacist credentials, and opposition to women's right have made him the new darling of the Britain First hate mob.

Just as Britain First directed their followers to support UKIP before the party's spectacular implosion, they're now openly propagandising in favour of Jacob Rees-Mogg. 

Presumably they're mobilising behind Rees-Mogg because they see an extreme-right takeover of the (already fanatically right-wing) Tory party as a much easier option than a concerted effort to breathe life back into the corpse of UKIP.

Back in 1930s Germany there was a similar group to Britain First. They were called the Sturmabteilung (brown shirts) and they were the uniformed thugs that the Nazis turned to for violent attacks, intimidation tactics, street battles, and killings.

Whenever the Nazis wanted a lawless mob raising or a violent attack on their political opponents, they could rely on the brown shirt goons to do their dirty work.

Britain in the 1930s was quite different and people stood up in solidarity against the rise of the extreme-right, culminating in the Battle of Cable Street where the establishment toff Oswald Mosley and his black shirt thugs were prevented from marching through the East End of London by a massive crowd of British working class, Jewish, Irish, and left-wingers. This massive public protest against the extreme-right resulted in a defeat that Mosley and the British Union of Fascists never recovered from.

These days the fightback against the extreme right is nowhere near as big as it was in the 1930s, largely thanks to massive social media sites like Facebook and Twitter casually enabling extreme-right hate-mongering and terrorist-sympathising on their platforms, and the deliberate normalisation of extreme-right views by the mainstream media, and increasingly even the BBC.

Whether you think that barging in to noisily interrupt political speeches is an effective form of protest or not, surely nobody with any common decency thinks that political protesters deserve to suffer a barrage of death threats and abuse from Rees-Mogg supporting goons in the Britain First hate mob. 

But that is what is happening now.

Rees-Mogg may try to ignore the fact that the extreme-right are mobilising behind him and his extreme hard-Brexit posturing. 

He'll likely say nothing to condemn the Britain First hate mob for plotting violent vengeance attacks against anyone who dares oppose him, just as he's ignored the terrifying significance of the waves of blue-kipper abuse and death threats any time a Tory MP dares to question Theresa May's hard-right, secretive, and profoundly anti-democratic interpretation of the Brexit vote.

The simple truth is that if Rees-Mogg does not come out and criticise Britain First, condemn their campaign of intimidation against the people who interrupted his speech, and explicitly reject their support, then he'll be illustrating the fact that he sees the support of this violent extreme-right hate mob as crucial in his push for power.

Remember that Britain First fanatics have already resorted to murderous acts of terrorism. 

The extreme-right fanatic who murdered the Labour MP Jo Cox was involved with the group, and the terrorist who plotted to murder Jeremy Corbyn and carried out the Finsbury Park attack was also a Britain First goon.

Then consider the gleeful reaction of the Britain First hate mob after the Finsbury Park terrorist attack, their lionisation of the killer, and their plot to raise a slush fund to incite more people into committing acts of extreme-right terrorism.

Any politician who is willing to align themselves with a disgusting mob like this in their quest for power is clearly and obviously a grave danger to civilised society.

If Rees-Mogg proves his willingness to court this dangerous extreme-right Britain First mob by refusing to condemn them or explicitly reject their support, then he'll be proving that the protesters who interrupted his speech were absolutely right to protest against him.

He'll also be proving that anyone in Britain with any decency left should be protesting against him too.

What you can do

  • You can contact Jacob Rees-Mogg by sharing this article with him  and asking him to explicitly condemn Britain First, their glorification of extreme-right terrorism, and the support they're giving him. You can do this by tagging him on Twitter and asking him to comment. Or if you're a constituent of North East Somerset you could email him and ask him for a reply.
  • You can contact members of the mainstream media and ask them if they'd be willing to confront Rees-Mogg about Britain First, their support for him, their glorification of terrorism, and their campaign of intimidation against the people who protest against him.
  • If Rees-Mogg refuses to distance himself from the Britain First hate mob you should consider protesting against him yourself the next time he appears in public near where you live.
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