Tuesday 9 May 2017

Theresa May's hypocrisy over hospital parking charges

Theresa May's hypocrisy over hospital parking charges is yet another demonstration that she is a self-serving elitist with no real principles.

When Jeremy Corbyn announced Labour's fully-costed plan to scrap hospital parking charges across the English NHS (hospital parking is already free in Scotland and Wales) the Tories and the right-wing press went into furious attack mode.

The problem for Theresa May is that she strongly opposed hospital parking charges at Saint Marks hospital in her own Maidenhead constituency, but now her party and her cheerleaders in the right-wing press are fighting against Jeremy Corbyn's proposal to scrap hospital parking charges for the rest of us.

When it suits her own interests (gaining votes in her own constituency) Theresa May argues one thing, but when her interests are different (attacking Jeremy Corbyn) she'll argue the complete opposite.

This hypocritical self-serving behaviour is the way she operates. I know the bulk of the mainstream press refuse to point out what a directionless self-serving opportunist she is, but it's still astounding that so many millions refuse to see it for themselves despite all the evidence.

Here are just a few clear cut demonstrations of this unprincipled self-serving behaviour.
  • Argues that quitting the EU would be bad for the economy before the referendum, then Argues that quitting the EU will be good for the economy after the referendum.
  • Claims a snap election before 2020 would create instability, then calls a snap election and argues that it would create stability.
  • Tells Scotland that "now is not the time" for a referendum in Scotland because the terms of the Brexit deal are not clear, then calls a snap election before the terms of Brexit are clear.
  • Fights to scrap hospital parking charges in her own constituency, then opposes Jeremy Corbyn's plan to scrap hospital parking charges for the whole of England.
Theresa May's hospital parking hypocrisy is yet more proof that she's a directionless self-serving opportunist who is guided purely by her own self-interest, and will say and do the most blatantly contradictory things as long as she thinks there's some personal advantage in it.

She's obviously banking on the British public not noticing that she's such a vacillating and directionless opportunist because her supporters in the mainstream media refuse to point it out.

Let's hope she's wrong.

What we can do

Make sure you are registered to vote and encourage others to register to vote too (especially the young because 2.4 million young adults are missing off the electoral register).

Share this article to spread awareness of Theresa May's self-serving opportunism (also consider sharing this one about the appalling Tory record in government, this one about how badly the Tories have been vandalising the NHS, and this one detailing what some of Jeremy Corbyn's actual policies are).

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