Another Angry Voice is 100% funded through Pay as You Feel donations.

It is good to support creative content that you see some value in. 

Please bear in mind that Go Cardless charges significantly lower fees than PayPal.

GoCardless charge 1p per pound plus a new 20p standard fee, meaning a £1 donation equates to 79p for me, £2 means £1.78, and £5 means £4.75.

PayPal charges much higher fees meaning I only get 67p per £1 donation (they keep the rest for themselves - no wonder the founders are so loaded!).

The bigger the donation the lower the percentage they take in fees, meaning PayPal is  actually okay for larger one off donations.

If you want to use PayPal here's the link:

I'm trying out a couple of other fundraising platforms too like Ko-Fi, Stripe and Patreon:

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This is my Stripe donation page.

Also, I'm now on Substack where you can sign up to the free subscription, or the paid subscription.

Thank you for your support. 

Tom (AAV)