The what is ... ? series

The What is ... ? series is a collection of articles in which I try to explain seemingly complex socio-economic terms in accessible language and to show how these ideas are being misused, abused or ignored by governments and powerful international organisations.

List of articles

1. What is ... Public Sector Net Investment?
2. What is ... Capital Flight?

3. What is ... a Credit Default Swap?
4. What is ... Quanititative Easing?
5. What is ... Confirmation Bias?
6. What is ... Neoliberalism?
7. What is ...a Justification Narrative?
8. What is ... Fiscal Multiplication?
9. What is ... Information Asymmetry?
10. What is ... Hidden Inflation?
11. What is ... Wage Repression?
12. What is ... a Scrounger Narrative?
13. What is ... the Marginal Propensity to Consume?
14. What is ... Regressive Taxation?
15. What is ... Universal Basic Income? 
16. What is ... the difference between a Debt & a Deficit? 
17. What is ... a Closed Ideology Echo Chamber?
18. What is ... the Pay as You Feel principle?
19. What is ... a Push Poll?
20. What is ... Synthetic Outrage?
21. What is ... Land Value Tax?

22. What is ... Guaranteed Employment?
23. What is ... A 'Corbyn's hat' distraction tactic?
24. What is ... Rage Sharing?
25. What is ... Centrism?
26. What is ... Performative Stupidity?

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Jonny said...

Dear Tom,

Please could do you a section on what Libertarianism is, as it seems to be a particularly divisive and misunderstood philosophy, one which could do with your expertise to help explain.


Jonny, an avid fan

Anonymous said...

I would love to hear your thoughts on Northern Ireland politics.

Anonymous said...

Would love to see this content available to buy as an ebook sometime.

Anonymous said...

What are your thoughts on the EU referendum?

@de :-) said...

What's a trot?!

Paul said...

-"Betterment Taxes"

PG ;)

Unknown said...

Good to read your blogspots again, I am not a social media user so keep up the good work. Will donate when my finances are a bit healthier. Sorry. Gareth.

J Mark Dodds said...

You're doing great work.

I posted DM to your FB page Tom - update on PPP