Sunday 28 May 2017

Don't let the mainstream media con you into believing the Tories aren't ideological extremists

Don't ever let anyone tell you that Jeremy Corbyn and The Labour Party are pushing extreme-left policies because they want to renationalise some stuff.

The majority of the public actually back the policies of running the NHS, railways, water companies and Royal Mail as not-for-profit public services.

Democratic public ownership of the things Labour propose to nationalise is absolutely commonplace across Europe plenty of other western economies, such as nationalised rail (France, Netherlands, Japan, Italy, Ireland ...), a publicly owned national grid (Denmark, New Zealand, Sweden, even Texas!), a publicly owned mail system (Canada, Switzerland, Belgium, Finland) and a national investment bank/sovereign wealth fund (Norway, Singapore, Australia, South Korea).

Just look at the evidence. The ones pushing an extremist agenda are clearly the Tories who have spent the last seven years privatising stuff like the NHS (against the will of 84% of the public), literally thousands of schools (against the will of 81% of the public) and chunks of the police force like the forensic science service (against the will of 87% of the public).

The Labour Manifesto clearly aligns with the views of the majority of people. It's the Tories who have been pursuing a fanatical economic agenda that is only supported by a tiny minority.

The only reason the Tories keep getting away with their extremist economic agenda is that the complicit mainstream media consistently fail to properly hold them to account over their extremely unpopular economic policies, and instead present the reality-reversing narrative that Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party, not Theresa may and the Tories are the ones pushing the fanatical, extreme and highly unpopular economic agenda!

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