Sunday 21 May 2017

The Tories are so rattled that they're telling outright lies about Jeremy Corbyn

The Tories and their cheerleaders in the mainstream media are now so rattled by the fallout from the woeful week they've been having (Philip Hammond getting his sums wrong by a mind-boggling £20 billiontheir shambolic "magic money tree" manifestotheir depraved Dementia Tax policy of asset stripping elderly people, Theresa May's deranged Facebook meltdown, Boris Johnson and Damian Green making absolute fools of themselves on the BBC) that they've resorted to recycling the tired old Jeremy Corbyn-IRA smears and outright lies.

Sophie Ridge on Sky News tried to browbeat Corbyn over the fact he talked to the IRA, but he just talked sense. He explained the absolute futility of the hard line military approach to the problem and explained that what actually resulted in the peaceful settlement was the negotiation process, and he strongly condemned the IRA (and everyone else in the conflict) who planted bombs and killed innocent civilians.

Watch the video clip:
You heard Corbyn renounce the violence of the IRA there right?

Here's another clip of Corbyn condemning the violence of the IRA just for good measure:
And here's the outrageous Tory Party Press Office reaction to that interview:

It's a brazen and outrageous lie, but the Tories are obviously so rattled now that they've got nothing else to resort to but this kind of desperately dishonest shit-slinging.

Even if you don't like Corbyn, his policies, or his efforts to bring about a peaceful settlement to the violence in Northern Ireland, you've got to accept that dishonest smearing like this is utterly beneath contempt haven't you?

How to deal with these lies

The Tories rely on these outrageous lies to disgust people into rejecting Jeremy Corbyn. 

Every single time you see or hear some right-winger trying to smear Jeremy Corbyn for seeking a negotiated peace settlement with the IRA ask them to explain these four things.
1. Tell them that Jeremy Corbyn has publicly condemned the IRA bombings, and all the bombings during the civil war in Northern Ireland. Ask them to watch the clips above and admit it.
2. Tell them that when Jeremy Corbyn was openly and honestly talking to the IRA to try to get them to stop the bombings and negotiate a peaceful settlement, Margaret Thatcher was holding secret negotiations with the IRA whilst brazenly lying to the British public that "we do not negotiate with terrorists". Ask them whether they prefer the Jeremy Corbyn's honesty or Margaret Thatcher's outright lies to the British public.
3. Ask them if they know about the serving Tory councillor Maria Gatland who was literally a member of the IRA in the 1970s and worked to smuggle guns for them to kill civilians with? Ask them if Corbyn talking to the IRA to persuade them to renounce violence was some kind of unforgivable crime, how come it's fine for a Tory politician to have actually been members of the IRA?
4. Ask them if they know about the unelected Tory peer David James who has openly admitted that he used to launder money for the IRA? Ask them if Corbyn talking to the IRA to persuade them to renounce violence was some kind of unforgivable crime, how come it's fine for a Tory politician to have actually laundered money for the IRA?
If video evidence, undeniable facts and absolute proof of sickening Tory hypocrisy aren't enough to beat these Tory liars, then sadly nothing ever will be, but just by standing up to them and confronting them with evidence weakens their position, and exposes them as a shockingly dishonest bunch of smear-artists.

If there is any sense of decency left in Britain these outright lies will backfire, and people will decide not to vote for a party that is so willing to lie to the British public in order to try to keep their grip on political power.

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Daithi said...

Nice mix of lies and sophistry there. You do know the ex IRA member defected in 1972 whilst Corbyn was inviting active members of the senior ITA command to the Commons weeks after the IRA attempted to murder a respectable chunk of the Government in 1985.