Monday 8 May 2017

The pro-NHS rebellion starts in South West Surrey

On June 8th 2017 South West Surrey could be the unlikely scene of a political revolution.

On Saturday May 6th a packed meeting of people from across the political spectrum selected a qualified doctor as a unity candidate to stand against the Tory health secretary Jeremy Hunt in his own constituency.

Dr Louise Irvine is a GP, a medical training expert and a seasoned political campaigner who has focused mainly but not exclusively on defending the NHS. Probably her greatest political achievements to date came when she helped campaigners to defeat Jeremy Hunt 's plan to force the closure of Lewisham Hospital.

Irvine said "I am very concerned that our beloved NHS is being run down, privatised, fragmented and underfunded ...This is an issue that affects everyone in the country. If we don’t all stand up for it now, it will be destroyed" and she's not exaggerating. Here are 16 ways in which Jeremy Hunt and the Tories are damaging our NHS.

The Green Party have already agreed to not stand any candidate in the South West Surrey Constituency. Labour and the Liberal Democrats have yet to decide.

The state of the NHS

  • Ever more NHS services being carved up and given away to profiteering private sector health companies like Serco, Virgin Health and (the major Tory party donors) Circle.
  • NHS staff are being made to cope with increasing demand for services while funds and staffing levels are being slashed year after year. Workers can only be asked to do more with less for a certain amount of time before the system breaks.
What we can do
  • If you are a member of Labour or the Liberal Democrats use your voice as a member in order to speak in favour of your party standing down their candidates so that Irvine has a free run at Jeremy Hunt.
  • If you live in South West Surrey or nearby, consider joining Louise Irvine's campaign to unseat Jeremy Hunt.

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