Friday 26 May 2017

Get ready for the smear campaign

The right-wing press barons and the sick minions who do their bidding are absolutely determined to make you hate, fear and despise Jeremy Corbyn.

I'm sure you can see it with your own eyes, how the right-wing press (especially The S*n, Daily Mail, Express, Evening Standard, and Telegraph) have desperately tried to whitewash the Tories disgracefully inept election campaign (Theresa May hiding in Tory safe spacesrefusing to debate her political rivals, and behaving ever more erratically; their totally uncosted manifesto, their depraved Dementia Tax, their ridiculous allocation of just 7p per child per day for school breakfasts ...) as they focus on relentlessly smearing Jeremy Corbyn.

A Loughborough University study has proven how severe this mainstream media bias is (see image). Despite their woefully inept campaign so far the mainstream press are still finding time actually heap praise on the Tory party and write hagiographies of Theresa May between their barrages of smear jobs on Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party.

The reason the billionaire right-wing propaganda barons and the mercenary bands of hacks they employ to do their bidding are determined to attack Jeremy Corbyn with everything they've got is because he represents the biggest threat to the toxic establishment order in decades.

Under Jeremy Corbyn's leadership the Labour Party have developed a transformational and carefully costed manifesto. It's absolutely full of great ideas to give ordinary people more political, social and economic freedom.

Ideas like giving more power to ordinary people and local communities, and making the super-rich pay their fair share of tax fill the beneficiaries of the toxic establishment order with absolute horror.

How dare anyone attempt to make them pay their fair share?

How dare anyone attempt to redistribute a little bit of political power away from them and towards ordinary people?

The billionaire press barons are absolutely livid about this, and they've got their hacks working on overdrive to fill you, and me, and the rest of us with fear, with hatred, and with contempt towards Jeremy Corbyn.

They're intent on demonising him like this despite the fact that he's an all-too rare diamond in the muck who talks honestly rather than spewing the same old pre-written propaganda tropes like a broken robot.

They're demonising him like this despite the fact he was absolutely right that the invasion and occupation of Iraq was going to fuel the conflicts and terrorism of future generations, and Theresa May was one of the establishment stooges who voted in favour of it.

And the more worried they get that he might actually prevent Theresa May and the Tories from getting a majority, the more intense the smear campaign is going to get until it reaches absolute fever pitch in the days before the vote.

For the next couple of weeks it's absolutely vital that we disregard what the right-wing propaganda rags are saying and think for ourselves.

If you do happen to see what the right-wing propaganda rags are trying to make you believe about (nasty, horrible, disgusting, evil) Jeremy Corbyn, or about the (wonderful, fantastic, amazing, faultless) Tory party, steel yourself and believe the opposite.

Don't be a political sleepwalker.

Think for yourself.

Don't do as the right-wing billionaire propaganda merchants and their mercenary hacks tell you to do.

What we can do

  • Follow independent media and share their articles and infographics as much as possible in order to counteract the insipid pro-establishment bias of the right-wing propaganda rags.
  • Involve yourself in campaigning. Get out there and campaign for whichever candidate is most likely to kick this atrocious Tory government off the undeserved pedestal the right-wing press barons have put them up on.

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