Monday 22 May 2017

She's totally losing the plot!

As she announced her humiliating climbdown over Dementia Tax Theresa May resorted to yet another crackpot conspiracy theory that the near universal tide of criticism against her plot to asset strip elderly people was all down to the nasty "fake" machinations of Jeremy Corbyn!

She's been losing the plot for a while

A few weeks ago Theresa May got so rattled by the contents of a German newspaper article about her dinner with a couple of EU negotiators that she ended up blabbering out a deranged conspiracy theory nonsense in front of Downing Street

A British Prime Minister so rattled and emotionally unstable that they resorted to conspiracy theory gibberish over the contents of a damned newspaper article was an extraordinary spectacle. What ever happened to the idea of keeping a poker face during negotiations?

Within days of announcing her hated policy of asset stripping elderly people Theresa May lashed out against the tide of criticism with an extraordinary Facebook meltdown full of narcissistic delusions, reality-reversing propaganda, recycled broken promises and self-contradictory nonsense.

Now she's blurted out yet another bonkers conspiracy theory about how the near universal condemnation of her depraved Dementia Tax policy is some kind of "fake" plot by Jeremy Corbyn!

She's behaving more and more like Donald Trump with every passing day.

Theresa's latest bonkers conspiracy theory 

As she was announcing her Dementia Tax climbdown Theresa May resorted to the bonkers conspiracy theory that Jeremy Corbyn was behind all of the criticism of Dementia Tax.

The idea that all criticism of Dementia tax stems from "fake claims made by Jeremy Corbyn" is such reality-denying nonsense it's ridiculous.
  • The national Pensioners Convention described Theresa May's plan as "Frankenstein’s monster of a plan which bolts lots of bad policies together and still fails to tackle the real unfairness in the care system". [source - National Pensioners Convention]
  • The extremely right-wing Conservative lobbying organisation the Bow Group condemned Theresa May's plan as "the biggest stealth tax in history". [source - the Bow Group
  • Chris Ham of the King's Fund (an widely respected independent health care charity) described Tory Dementia Tax as "deeply disappointing". [source - King's Fund]
  • Luke Clements, a law professor at Leeds University, stated that Dementia Tax would act as an incentive to elderly people to shift their assets into offshore trust funds. [source - Luke Clements website]
  • The Conservatives own former social care adviser Andrew Dilnot criticised the decision to drop the commitment to cap the amount that the state can asset strip from people who develop degenerative diseases, and claimed it would leave people "helpless". [source - Andrew Dilnot interview with the BBC]
  • Several Tory candidates (several of whom relied on anonymity in order to avoid a furious backlash from an increasingly erratic Theresa May) slammed the policy. The ones who dared to use their names were Sarah Wollaston and Bob Blackman. [source - Politics Home]
This is by no means an exhaustive list of the people and organisations to have criticised Dementia Tax, but in it you have a pensioners organisation, a respected health charity, a hard-right pressure group, several Tory MPs, a law professor, the Tories' own former adviser and even the Daily Mail!

But listen to Theresa May's absurd raving today and it's all Jeremy Corbyn's fault!

Think about the fact that her depraved Dementia tax was almost universally criticised and just look at the state of this raving nonsense.
Just watch it again and concentrate on her facial expressions as she outlines this ludicrous conspiracy theory. Does she look sane and stable to you?

"Strong and stable" - you're having a laugh

If you believe Theresa May's latest bonkers conspiracy theory, then you've got to believe that Jeremy Corbyn has somehow infiltrated numerous organisations, including a hard-right pressure group, the Daily Mail and the Tory party itself!

Seriously people!

How is it possible for anyone to continue believing Theresa May's beloved "strong and stable" propaganda trope when she's been forced into a humiliating climbdown after just four days (weak)  and has resorted to a blatantly deranged conspiracy theory to try and diminish and minimise all the criticism (unstable).

Isn't it time for us all to ask whether we believe the evidence of our eyes (that Theresa May is badly losing the plot under pressure) or believe the increasingly deranged words that come out of Theresa May's mouth?

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