Thursday 18 May 2017

Theresa May has complacently betrayed the Tory core vote

The Tory Dementia Tax is surely one of the nastiest and most ill-conceived pieces of legislation to ever appear in a General Election manifesto.

It just goes to show how arrogant and out of touch the Tory party are that they thought they could get away with announcing such a malicious scheme to asset strip elderly people for the "crime" of developing dementia or serious physical disabilities in their old age after lifetimes of paying National Insurance and Council Tax to cover the cost of things like the NHS and social care.

Setting the bar at £100,000 when the average property price in the UK is £215,000 is clearly a way of harvesting the wealth of middle income families.

The poor won't have to pay it because they won't own their own homes. The very wealthy won't have to pay it because they can pay for private care in their old age. So it's just the middle who get asset stripped. The people who worked hard and saved to buy their own properties are the low-hanging fruit the Tories have identified. They're the target this time.

Dementia Tax is clearly an inheritance tax specifically to extract the wealth of middle income families as they get ill in their old age, so that the Tories can continue lavishing tax breaks on the super-rich and their corporate chums (like the £70 billion that the ongoing Tory corporation tax cuts are going to cost by 2020).

Dementia Tax is a clear and demonstrable attack on the Tory party's own core support.

Theresa May has been so busy trying to turn the Conservatives into a UKIP-on-steroids party in order to attract the UKIP vote and the extreme-right demographic that she's totally neglected the Tory core support, and utterly betrayed them with this callous asset stripping scheme.

Now that Theresa May has expressed her intention to asset strip any home owner who has the misfortune to get ill in their old age, where do these people turn?

Well Anna from Putney has made up her mind. She told LBC that Dementia Tax is pure evil, and declared "I shall go and vote for Jeremy Corbyn then"!
I guess Theresa May and the Tories had become so complacent about their support amongst the older generations that they decided that they could do pretty much whatever they liked to them with total impunity:
  • Scrap the triple lock on pensions
  • Scrap the winter fuel payments
  • Even announce their Dementia Tax with great fanfare as if letting pensioners continue to live in their house as the asset value is stripped away is some kind of great act of Tory kindness!
The mainstream media demonisation campaign has been particularly effective in making the older generations hate Jeremy Corbyn, but the Labour Manifesto pledges to keep the triple lock, keep the universal benefits for pensioners, to not raise VAT and to properly fund social care, rather than asset stripping elderly people to make them pay it themselves.

Any older person with any sense at all should be thinking about voting to remove the Tories from power, not sending the Theresa May a clear message that she can do whatever she wants to the older generations from now on and assume that the Tories will always win "the grey vote".

What we can do

Make sure that you are registered to vote so you can vote against the Tories and encourage others to register too.

Spread awareness: Talk to the older generations and let them know about the Tory plans to introduce Dementia Tax and to scrap the Triple lock. Show them the clip and let them know that other people are switching away from the Tories,

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